Day Two Hundred and Thirty-one

On Thursday, we had a fire drill. I was told what time it would be at so I made sure to go down beforehand to beat the rush. I know that’s not the point but the fire drill was at 2pm which is at the end of lunch. So I just went down after eating and found myself a good spot to sit, crochet and listen to Harry Potter while everyone filed down.

This is one of the movies I worked on a bit when I interned in Film Development. So exciting to see it real. I was flummoxed to see a trailer for it before the new Harry Potter movie. The movie looks exactly like it did in my head when I read the script. Kind of wild to see it happening for real.

And here is a card I found in our front lobby. It just made me laugh a lot for some reason.

Here’s Monster and Elvira. They follow me around the house wherever I go. I was fooling around in here so they came in to sit and Monster decided to clean his nether-regions on Kristyn’s pillow. Sweet boy.

This is the bookshelf in the bedroom. I love those two little lady heads don’t you? They’re pin cushions. Those plastic boxes are craft stuff from Nana. That red and wicker box is my Mom’s sewing kit. I dunno if you want it back or not Mom but I really want it. When I was a little girl I wanted that sewing box SO BAD. There are these red wood pieces on it that for some reason I was CONVINCED was big red chewing gum. I honestly thought my Mother’s sewing box was made of Big Red. She tried to talk me off of that ledge but it couldn’t be done. This lead to an obsession with Big Red gum. I need help. Also check our VHS collection.

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