Day Two Hundred and Twenty-seven

I’m rilly behind on these posts because Saturday’s is soooo looong AND I’ve been enjoying myself these past few days. On Saturday we went to the Weeds Wrap Party! It was held on the Universal Studios backlot in the Courhouse Square set. This set has been used for Back to the Future, The Ghost Whisperer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other things. It was pretty cool. The party was fun too. They had three free food trucks (pizza, an ice cream sandwich truck and a munchie truck), an open bar and a photo booth. Me and Krissy just wandered around eating and drinking things and people watching. We got the chance to talk to Shane and Andy Botwin (not their government names) and they were very nice. It was a really cool night and I will just let the pictures do the talking. Look closely in the pictures of Kristyn, you might see Andy and Shane in the background of two of them haha. TOTALLY NOT INTENTIONAL (right).

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