Day Two Hundred and Twenty-six

Yesterday I had a meeting to go to early so I left for work really early. I left TOO early though and got to work at 8:30 am after being there until 10:45pm the night before. Craziness. I had a busy day that was mostly good. One of my bosses got a promotion and we had a champagne toast for him. That was a nice thing. I also found out more about my stability or possible lack-there-of with this company. It’s news that freaked me out and I think doesn’t look good. But I’m going to take it in stride and just try my best to not worry about it too much. One way or the other, I have other irons in the fire but THIS is the one I wanted. *sigh* I don’t know.

Anyway, last night I came home kind of a mopey weepy mess. Kristyn helped me. We went to a taco place on Silver Lake Blvd. It was awesome because they had soy beef and chicken. We ordered veggie enchiladas and a “beef” burrito. Everything was so good and so cheap. Then we came home and whined for a long time. Then we drank some riesling and watched “Weeds”. We’re doing something really awesome tonight and I will tell you guys what it is once we’ve already done it. It’s preeeetty cool.

Also, I found out this morning that my Mom, Dad and Brother found a new apartment! Exciting news! Okay I’m off to eat my Mexican leftovers, they’re calling to me in a strangled high-pitched voice. I don’t know what that’s about but I’d better go see.

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