Day Two Hundred and Twenty-five

Yesterday was a looooooong day but a good one. I stayed at work until a quarter to eleven at night! Haha. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a project that put me behind in everything else and I just needed to catch up when there was no one around to give me more pressing things to do. I’d do it again today but it’s Friday and I’m not self-hating haha. Fridays are for fun. Hopefully I can get a chunk done today anyway though.

I left work with another temp who was still here so I’d have someone to walk out to the parking lot with. I drove to Kristyn’s job and got some money and went and had dinner at a 24 hour Subway. After that, I just laid down in the car and watched “The X-Files” until Kristyn got out. She’s supposed to get out at 1am but she asked to leave at 12:30. I’d just dozed off when she came outside. It was busy but felt good to get caught up.

Oh AND! A girl at work gave me the ENTIRE SERIES of Little House on the Prairie!!! YOU GUYS. I am shitting a brick. So. Awesome. I have to repay the favor somehow. SOOOOOO EXCIIIIIIITED!!! I know what this bitch is doing with her weekend.

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