Day Two Hundred and Twenty-two

Hey is anyone else as bored by this blog as I am? Hot DAMN I keep a boring blog. My life isn’t actually that boring (to me) but I am writing it as a dirge lately haha. I just can’t be bothered to add any flair to this shit.

Anyway, yesterdizzle was cool. Kristyn had that day off. She relaxed a bit and watched Weeds. But she also cleaned the entire damn house and put stuff up on the bookshelf I built over the weekend. Girl is unstoppable. We watched more Weeds and chilled when I got home. We had quesadillas and tomatoes for dinner. Then we had some popcorn while Kristyn read me Larry David’s interview in Rolling Stone. LOVE that man so damn much. I heard he’s pretty cool in person too. He is on my bucket list of people I want to throw an eyeball at. I don’t know if I would want to meet him though because he’s way too funny and I’d get tongue-tied. After that, we had some cut up bananas and strawberries with cool whip on top. So good. Then we went fanciful slept on the couches. We woke up at 5am!!! We went to our real bed to sleep for two more hours. Craziness.

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