Day Two Hundred and Twenty

Yesterday was fun. In the morning, I helped Krissy get ready for work. We had a really good brekky on the lanai. Everything bagels with facon, avocado and cheese. Good times. I spent most of the afternoon chilling out there, drinking coffee and watching the rest of Season 5 of Weeds on Netflix Instant. SO GOOD. I came in at around 3 or 4pm because the sun was creeping up on a bitch and I didn’t want to get burned. I texted with Kristyn about the woes of having nothing to do and then forced myself to take a naparoonie in the AC. It was short and sweet. I got up and did a load of dishes and then set about straightening this place up. Scooped the cat litter, cleaned the stovetop, swept the floor, mopped/swiffered the floor, put things in their places and febreezed shit. Then I decided to put together the bookshelf we bought with some Arrested Development for company/stress management. Then it was time for Kristyn to come home! I hopped in the shower because we’d decided to go FINALLY see Harry Potter. We got ready quick and drove over to Universal Citywalk to the AMC theater. Guys, I really seriously LOVED this Harry Potter and I don’t say that lightly because I really don’t like the other ones much. I find that they cut shit out unnecessarily that takes from the heart of the books. Like the director/screenwriter/whoever wants to put their “thumbprint” on it, fans be damned. Like I get shortening the time it takes Harry to come to a discovery by like having someone just kind of tell him something but certain things should be left alone. There was some ish like that in this movie but moreover, THAT is a funking great movie. I have seen all of them in the theater besides the part one to this one and I have fallen asleep in ALL of them. I swear to God. And I never do that. Weird.



Oh ALSO, speaking of Harry.  I am doing a project that I need to draw Harry Potter. I took out the softcover versions of the books and found that card tucked into the 5th book. I opened it and it’s ROSEANNE BARR’S AUTOGRAPH. What?! I forgot I even had that! Guys I was STUNNED because I definitely did not remember that that even existed. I almost gave that book away before we left and/or almost sold it at our yard sale. I am SO glad I didn’t! I’m not big on autographs honestly but she is one of my idols and I am so glad to have it, ESPECIALLY in such an awesome little card. What happened with this was that I took my parents to see Roseanne do standup at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut a few years ago. I bought that card in the gift shop while we were waiting to get in just as an impulse purchase because I liked the sentiment. We met her afterwards and that was the only piece of paper I had. A few minutes after we met her, my Dad almost had a heart attack and we spent the rest of the night (and the following week) in the hospital with him. I must’ve just put that card in there and forgotten about it until NOW. Crazy right? I added a picture of us with her at the bottom of this post. Amazing right?


Here is a guy on stilts dancing to guido music. I screamed, “THIS IS THE CORNIEST SHIT EVER I NEED A PICTURE, NO WAIT HE’S ON STILTS THAT’S KIND OF AWESOME!”


“Just Like Heaven” by the Cure was playing:



We went to the 10:45 showing.



So amazing.

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