Day Two Hundred and Nineteen

Friday was stressful again but only because it was so busy. A lot of things going on up in hizzy at work. Afterwards, Krissy came to pick me up. We had a quick dinner at Taco Hell and then went to get our hairs cut at Rudy’s in Silver Lake. I just got a trim and Kristyn got hers done real short and cute. Very good experience at Rudy’s this time. The last time, the hairdresser refused to cut out my split ends for some reason. This time my hair actually looks healthy AND I want to be friends with my hairdresser haha.

Afterwards we went to Target to buy a bookshelf, a plastic “stuff” container and some groceries. THIS PICTURE. I stare at it whenever we go to Target. I wonder why they dressed a grown-ass woman up like that. She looks like she’s wearing toddler clothes!

We came home from Target and chillaxed. We watched some Glee and Weeds and then went to sleep. A good day was had.

Oh also I am gonna be late with these postings no doubt because my WordPress app is on the fritz with no updates in sight. I know you don’t care but this bothers my ass so I want to remember later why I was so lazy. I’m not lazy, I’m being tortured by WordPress apps.

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