Day Two Hundred and Eighteen

Yesterday was kind of stressful too for reasons I can’t get into. I’ll just say that it turned out well and for that I am glad. In the afternoon we had a champagne party on the patio because someone brought some in for one of our coworker’s last day. She wasn’t there but we had the party anyway. Good times. I came home from work and went to the supermarket. I got mostly just fruit and vegetables and some stuff we needed STAT.

After that, I came home and watched more Weeds. I’m up to Season 5 and it’s SO GOOD. I feel off of Weeds when they moved to Ren Mar but I was recently convinced to get up to speed with it and I’m glad I did! I watched that, took a naparoo on the couch and then drove to go get Krissy. All in all, it was a good day.

Oh AND I’ve had an almost murderous hunger for watermelon and I bought one that is larger than the size of my head. It’s really ripe too. It was so good that it hurt my stomach last night. Good times.

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