Day Two Hundred and Twelve

Yesterday was a fun day at work. I was busy all day and I’d had some Jet Fuel so I was motoring along and giggling to myself. We had a SUPER BANANAS unexpected visitor drop and it kind of made everyone stop dead in their tracks for a little while. I can’t say who it was other than if I told you, you’d be all “What? WHAT! OMG. That’s crazy.” (And sorry for leaving such a weird clue here without explaining it. It’s just, this is also my personal diary of my life. I can’t say who it is on here but I think it’s worth mentioning on here for myself to read later. Sorry dudes.)

A-NY-WAY. Kristyn had yesterday unexpectedly off. I threatened her by punishment of DEATH that she’d better find a way to have fun and relax. Homegirl NEVER RELAXES. Whenever she has a day off she finds a way to spend it toiling. Laundry, dishes, anything she can to take a free day and make it a work day. SHE HAS GOT TO SLOW DOWN. So I spent the day text messaging threats to Kristyn, “YOU AREN’T DOING LAUNDRY ARE YOU?! YOU HAD BETTER BE HAVING A GOOD TIME OR SO HELP ME GOD!” And, under threat of violence, Kristyn decided to relax and reteach herself some magic tricks. This is good for her soul because it’s something she loves to do and makes her feel close to her Dad. Naturally when I came home, she’d made a ton of progress but had managed to turn an otherwise great day into a worryfest for the following reasons:

1) The day was so good that it went fast.
2) Nobody cares about magic.
3) What if she never gets good at it?

I had to talk her off of a ledge and tell her that good days always go fast, who the hell cares if other people care about magic, and all hobbies take time to get good at if you keep trying. This seemed to clear things up and we were able to dine in peace haha.

Kristyn made us burgers and veggie chilli cheese fries and we ate them out on the lanai until Kristyn started audibly shivering to let me know she was cold. I said, “Why never words? Why do you always have to act out what you’re thinking?” She said, “Because I am a thespian at heart.” Okay then.

We came inside and relaxed by drinking some wine and watching a documentary about 9/11 conspiracies, as you do. Then we decided to watch Glee and this is how we spent the rest of the evening. Also, I had an ice pop AND had a creepy ass photo session with my new photobooth app. (Yes I realize that this blog is taking a turn for the megalomaniac what with all of these pictures of my grill. But I’d be more concerned about me if most of the pictures were nice and presentable. Most of these are NOT my finest hour to say the least haha.)







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