Day Two Hundred and Nine

Yesterday was pretty good. Busy day at work. We had a meeting and then one of the executives gave us cupcakes and cookies as a prezzie. No complaints from our pieholes. So nice. I came home after work and Kristyn had made me pizza. She worked from home yesterday and also managed to put a few things away so that was phat. Also the repairman came to fix our screen door. For some reason it was broken but now it’s not. Huzzah!

After that we sat on the couch and I fooled around with my Roseanne blanket while Kristyn read me a conspiracy theory about Laurel Canyon and the so-called “Hippie/Flower Child” generation of musicians and artists that lived there. SO fascinating, SO scary. I also cut up some watermelon and then passed out while Kristyn was reading to me. We got into bed and suddenly I was awake and wanted to read some more of the website. I started reading an article on the Illuminati and scared the shit out of myself. The cats, meanwhile, were trashing the house for some reason. Just knocking shit over. I guess they’re more comfortable here now and testing their limits. That’s fine, we’ll get them in line again, they’re just excited but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE WILDPEOPLE WHEN I’M READING ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI?! It took forever for me to get to sleep but I did. OMG.

Also, our friend Reckles is the one who sent us the original article. Thank you and Damn you Reckles. I’ll never sleep/read anything ever again. SO FASCINATING/TERRIFYING. Laurel Canyon is RIGHT there!



Oh! Also and I can’t believe I forgot about this! As you know (because I won’t shut up about it), we have a balcony aka “the lanai”. From up there, we know we’re high up but we can never exactly tell how high up or how to even get down to the street below. This worries me in case one of the animals takes a flying leap over the bannister (something we are vigilantly protecting against by hollerations and threats of violence to said animals when they so much as smell the wind when the door is open). Anyway, I tried something new on my way home yesterday and ended up in a dead end. I looked up and BOOM. There’s our apartment. There, on the left, is the lady who’s dog barks and who screams at the skateboarding hoodlums that make the dog bark. There, on the right are the skateboarding hoodlums making the dog bark.  Above is our ceiling fan. Boom. I tried to honk and call Kristyn so’s she could see a bitch but turns out she wasn’t interested. Well, she was and she even felt like it might be yers truly but it didn’t pique her interest enough to look as she was making my ass a pizza.  One thing at a time I spose. Anyway, this is the reverse view from what we usually show you. Instead of us, lofty on our perch above the heavens (and palm trees), here is me, tiny on the ground hopeful that my fair pizza maiden will come out and acknowledge me. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Oh, we’re the bottom apartment on the left. The one with “all of the damn lights burning”  to borrow a phrase from my Gram (Great Grandma). 



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