Day Two Hundred and Eight

I was a heap of silliness yesterday. I think my job made me a little crazy. I’m still working on the tedious project and I think it sent me into silly-land. The task is fine and I actually enjoy tedious work. Also, I listen to Harry Potter on my iPod while I’m doing it which makes it fun. Plus I’ve listened to these goddamn HP books so many times it’s not like I have to pay attention to it if I need to think about something. Anyway, it was a nice day of being on semi-autopilot. Good times.

After work, I picked Kristyn up and we went to the Tacos Delta for some hard shell potato tacos. Good times. Then we meant to get little ice creams and instead we got big ice creams (by accident). After that we went to Target to try to buy organizational stuff. We need more plastic stacking boxes for our stuff. The one thing this apartment doesn’t really have is storage space. The closet I think is on par with the last apartment but shaped a little different. BUT there were more drawers in the kitchen and a few more cabinets. Plus we used to have a skinny little closet in the kitcheny/living room area that we put crafts and stuff in. Now all of that stuff has no home. We DO have shelves in the closet in this apartment though, which we didn’t before. If we got little boxes, we could stack a bunch of documents and paperwork up there. So yeah, IDK.

But whenever we go to the store to purchase organizational boxes, we ALWAYS come home empty-handed. It’s just SUUUUUUUUUCH a boring thing to part with your money about. But not even that is really the problem. It’s that we have so many weird odds and ends that we can’t figure out the best way to store everything. Like Kristyn wanted to buy a little plastic chest of drawers to put miscellania in but I hate those things. I feel like I buy one of those every ten years and then never use it. OR I put stuff in there that never sees the light of day again. If I put stuff in one of those little chest of drawers, I won’t see it again until it’s being thrown out or taken out of that thing and put into something else for storage. Something about those little plastic drawers is off-putting to me I guess. Also I feel like you buy that thing, stuff a bunch of ephemera in there and then stack shit up next to it or on top of it. In either case, because it’s plastic, the shape of the thing gets warped and the drawers won’t open. *Sigh*

And they must’ve just had a big sale on this stuff at Target that we missed because their “RE” brand stuff (aka the cheap stuff) is all gone and the more expensive stuff (why?) is all that’s left. And like, I personally, do not want to spend $58 on a plastic chest of drawers. Nor do I want to spend almost $20 on an under the bed plastic box. Not worth it to me. So we’re going to go out on a crazy limb today and trek off to the Container Store. This store has been the Holy Grail of shopping experiences for Kristyn because she LOVES organizational tools. But we always SAY we’re going to go there and then we don’t do that. Usually we say it when we’re in Target being bored out of our minds by their organizational stuff. I am of the mind that the Container Store might be more expensive than Target BUT I also feel like maybe they’ll surprise a bitch with some affordable yet stylish organizational tools to make our dump into a home. *stubby fingers crossed*

ANYWAY, at Target, we bough NOTHING organizational at all but managed to come home with a new cat litter box, cat litter, a cat litter scooper, bread, a candle and a couple of other odds and ends like paper towels. Kristyn had done some laundry so she put that away while I put the stuff we bought away. Then we laid down on the couches to watch Taxi again and AGAIN passed the heck out. We woke up AGAIN at 3 something am from fanciful sleeping and had to schlep on over to the bed.







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