Day Two Hundred and Seven

I was sort of lazy yesterday. Well the day started off pretty great actually. We woke up early and had a good breakfast: Scrambled Tofu and Veggie Italian Sausage with Toast and Hash Browns. Then we sat around and chilled for a while. Kristyn chatted on the horn with her parents. Then we decided to go swimming at the pool. We had a really good time and were probably only down there for about a half hour but that didn’t stop me from getting burnt. Kristyn did some laundry to clean some of her uniforms and I made us some lunch (Veggie Burgers, Salad and Watermelon). Kristyn attempted to take a nap (see below) and then it was time for her to go to work.

She had a varied time at work at best but it was mostly a good day. I did a little laundry, fed the animals and ran the dishwasher but that was the extent of my good deeds for the day. I needed a day to force myself to do NOTHING. It was actually kind of boring but I persisted and got a whole lot of nothing done. Good times.









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