Day Two Hundred and Five

Yesterday was BUSY and yesterday was FRUSTRATING and yesterday was FUN. It was a long day for sure. I had a lot of very tedious work to do, which I don’t usually mind. Honestly, I didn’t mind it yesterday either really but it just was a lot and I have SO much more. I’m helping to recreate legal files sent from another company so I have been charged with the task of printing everything out but also making sure I’m not printing duplicates of sometimes VERY lengthy contracts. Thankfully my publishing/proofreading background is coming in handy because I know all the tricks to scanning a document to look for differences. In a way, it’s kind of a nice thing to harken back to. In another way, it’s still VERY tedious haha.

Oh but in the afternoon, there were two parties back to back on the lanai at work because it was two different people’s last day. One party was at 4:30 and the other at 4:45. The first party gave us champagne/wine (I still can’t tell which), cookies and strawberries and the second gave us cupcakes. A small tumbler of champagne/wine was put into my meaty little paw and even though I had JUST previously muttered shit about how I can’t have any because I don’t tolerate alcohol well, I swigged that shit down. How can you refuse wine at work? I think it would be a crime to no?

After the parties, the work day was mostly a wash, no one felt like doing anything so everyone went home. I stayed though because Kristyn had to pick me up. It was good that I was there though because my boss called and needed me to do something for one of her colleagues which I gladly did.

Here’s my crazy face at my desk. I took this when no one was looking whilst doing said tedium. Oh, also, before I left work, I drank two cups of a coffee called “Jet Fuel”. GOOD TIMES.


Kristyn picked me up and we came straight home. I made us some tacos (veggie chili + taco fixins on soft shells mmm). After that we drank some wine and watched more “Taxi”. We were going to play a Harry Potter Wii game but decided against it. We were really comfortable just sitting and chilling out. Have I told you how much I LOVE “Taxi”?! (Yes I have.) Ugh SUCH a good show and thank you to Kristyn for forcing me to watch it. I wouldn’t watch it as a kid. SO. MISSING. OUT.

Anyway, here is my Jet Fuel-ed and wine-fueled face sitting on the couch.




Here’s Monster hanging out. He loves “Taxi” too.






Here’s Kristyn enjoying her some “Taxi” too.



Our still-messy apartment.



And my wine.



We fanciful-slept on the couches until around 3:30am. Then we got up and dragged ourselves to real bed. We both woke up naturally at 8:30 this morning. Weird.  Good day though!

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