Day Two Hundred and Four

* I edited this post to add some info to the pictures. I originally wrote this when I was exhausted and only included the first paragraph. Der.


Yesterday I could NOT stop yawning. So. Tired. After work I went grocery shopping at Target though because our cupboards were bare as HELL yo! That’s about my day in summation. A lot of work happened. A lot of driving happened. A lot of bus riding happened. A lot of yawning, as previously noted.

Here is a picture of my double chin and crazy eyes. I’m always thinking of you guys aren’t I?




This monster was taken at the bus stop near our house. The monster used to be a black and white man’s face with spectacles but some douchehorn came by and tagged up on the face. I HATE it when people do that. Anyway, someone improved the work by just painting a new thing over the thing. The background stayed the same but now we have a violent purple monster with a flower in her hair. I like.




Here’s Krissy at lunch. She picked me up from work and I dropped her off at hers. I took a picture for posterity. I love this new meeting at lunch twice a week plan but we’ve got to fine-tune it because I was late both times we did it. I didn’t get in trouble but I’m not looking to either.



And these bumper stickers were on a car in the parking garage at West Hollywood Target. I was so excited! (And scared that the owner of the bumper stickers was gonna come find me taking pictures of their bumper. I couldn’t resist though.)



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