Day Two Hundred and Three

I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MY MUG YESTERDAY! Fool. So instead I added a picture of my grill that I took the other day to send to my Grandma, Aunt and Cousin to say hello. It was taken this week so it counts right?


Anyway, my new favorite thing is eating breakfast on our balcony so here’s a picture!


Also, our new apartment is farther from the bus stop and has a TON of huge hills so we’re doing a new thing. Kristyn is taking me to the bus in the morning, picking me up from work at lunch, I’m dropping her off and coming back to work so that I can drive the car home (the bus is NUTS at the end of the work day). Then I’m picking her up after work (because the bus is DANGEROUS when Kristyn gets out of work).  It’s a lot of finagling but it affords us both the LEAST amount of hill-walking and this is something we appreciate.  But seriously, you should see the hills. Oh lord.  I’ll let Tim Gunn’s face show you how I feel about the hills.


I really like taking the bus in the morning because now I can watch Arrested Development in the morning. This is the “Hermano” episode.


I came home last night and found Edith casually napping on the couch! Don’t mind the look of the couch, we still don’t have the covers on it. Any stains you see are coffee, I swear. A few months ago, Monster jumped up on me JUST as I sat down with a full cup of coffee. Two days in a row.

Anyway, it was awesome to see Edith on the couch because usually she only stays on her cat tree. But the cat tree is right next to the couch now so I guess she decided to venture down. She’s doing better!


Superstitious good luck.


Here is Elvira cuddling with a bunny my Nana made.


Monster totally attacked Elvira a second after this picture was taken.


The animals are REALLY liking this new place. It’s SO MUCH COOLER. There are a lot of new spots for them to walk around. It’s so much less cramped. They have that huge balcony to look out of. Elvira, especially, has hearts in her eyes. She just follows us around practically smiling. This place is so much better for all of us.

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