Day Two Hundred and One

Yesterday was all hills and valleys yo. I was nervous in the morning because I was delusionally hoping that something wouldn’t happen that I knew totallly would. And it did. Valley.

Then I found a Little House on the Prairie book on my desk which made me like SHRIEK out loud in joy. (Unabashed might I add.) A girl who sits behind me left it there for me after we discussed the show at length the other day. My company distributes the show and she does something with packaging and credits so she has some stuff on it and figured I’d be the most likely candidate to love it. SHE WAS RIGHT. Hill.

But then I found out that I didn’t get something that I wanted. Valley.

But then I got an invitation to something really cool. Hill.

But then I found out that something I thought MAAAAYBE could happen, wouldn’t happen after all. Valley.

So then I came home and freaked myself out for no good reason. Poor Kristyn helped me and I wasted most of our night (all of our night) feeling sorry for myself. To make me feel better, Kristyn watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie and then allowed me to tell her a thousand details about the show too. Thanks Kristyn! Also she made me grilled cheese and Indian food for dinner haha. Our cupboard is preeeeeetty bare.

Oh, also, my Grandma, Aunt Heather and cousin Lindsey came to visit my parents in Brick. They went to Windward Beach and my Dad sent me these pictures of them. (If you guys don’t want these pictures, here, lemeno and I’ll make’m disappear!) I just thought they were cute and wanted to store them for posterity!








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