Day One Hundred and Ninety-nine

Yesterday we got up at around 8am. We hadn’t brought everything over to the new place (including the food) and needed to clean the old place out. We drove to the old apartment and made breakfast. We ate it on the lanai one last time. Then we set to getting everything together. We didn’t have a ton there but we’d forgotten stuff in all the nooks and crannies of the bathroom, closets and kitchen. Took us a while to get it all packaged up. Then we cleaned everything. At one, a friend of our landlord’s came to pick up the keys. He let us stay a little bit to finish cleaning. We loaded the car up and went to the house to get rid of the first load and then we did it again. It sucked and almost killed us. I was absolutely sure I was gonna pass the hell out. We finally finished at around 6pm and were STARVING. We decided to go to Red Robin’s for veggie burgers and then to Target next door to pick up some groceries and a bathmat. Target suuuuuuucked. So. Much. Walking. My feet were killing me. The saving grace was that I showered and changed before we left so at least I felt a little more human. Kristyn didn’t want to because she felt like once she did, she wouldn’t go anywhere haha.

We got home and I took a nap. I couldn’t stay awake anymore. Kristyn didn’t want to nap because she didn’t think she’d wake up until morning. She put some stuff away and woke me up after and hour or so. We put the bed together and some stuff away. We hung out on the (new) lanai a bit, ate the world’s most satisfying PB&J’s and then went to bed. Such an exhausting day.



















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