Day One Hundred and Ninety-eight

Man Friday was a TOUGH mothercrunkin day. I like that we moved on Harry Potter/Carmageddon Day though. Haha. I like it when events align. Like we adopted our first bunny Biggie on the night that Friends aired their finale. And Nana’s wake was on the day of the Royal Wedding. Kind of creates a more distinct memory. (Not that I was thrilled to be going to Nana’s wake but she definitely would have seen some humor/specialness in those two events coinciding and I do too. She would have said, “MAN, the lengths SOME people will go to to be the center of attention!” or something like that haha.)

ANYWAY. The move was HARD. We definitely should have hired a mover. We have a small apartment but SO MANY THINGS and for just the two of us to do it? Tough.

We woke up at about 7:45am and got showered. At a little after 9am went to pick up the truck. We went with a 14 foot truck rather than the 10 foot we ordered because it had a ramp and the 10′ didn’t. I made Kristyn drive it and didn’t have to try hard because she was thrilled to. “Worked out well.”

After that Kristyn drove the truck home and I went to the bank to get our deposit together. By the time we got all this done it was probably around 10-10:30. Then we got moving. There was street cleaning from 12-2 on both our current block and our new one so we were worried about the truck getting a ticket. So worried, in fact, that we totally forgot about the car and no amount of begging or pleading would make the ticket guy listen to reason. And this is how we got our final parking ticket on Effie Street. F.

I won’t bore you with the details of the actual move because, on paper, it was uneventful. Thankfully, we had the presence of mind to rent two handtrucks and a furniture dolly from UHaul and we didn’t have to actually carry much. If we hadn’t, we would be dead by now. We’re close to death from exhaustion currently and we didn’t barely have to lift much. We did two HUGE loads. The first load we got to the new apartment by 3pm. It probably took us an hour or more to get it unloaded. It went WAY quicker than loading did. We ordered Domino’s before the first load and I also took a hot minute to go to Jon’s to buy more Pepsi Max, toilet paper and IBUPROFEN. Also, I got money orders there because they were way cheaper than the bank. (The bank teller actually gave me that hot tip.)

The second load we thought was gonna be a snap. WRONG. Well first of all, coming back from the first trip,JUST as we were patting ourselves on Kristyn’s back for driving the truck, it stalled ON our block. They have a roadside assistance line that we called. Naturally they blamed us then told us to restart it and it did haha.

It took us HOURS to load that shit and we didn’t even get everything. I think we didn’t get back to our new place until about 8pm or so. Then it took us an hour or more to unload.

By this time I was feeling pretty out of it, we both were. I don’t know what I was thinking but I attempted to step off the truck while holding the footboard of the bed just casually under one arm. This is something I would never have done at the beginning of the day because it is stupid. Anyway, there was a strap to hold onto when getting off the truck. Thankfully I was holding it when I went to step down on the bumper because my feet just kicked out from underneath me. I dangled there for a second like a dazed moron and then my hand gave out forcing me to slip down onto the ground and land heavily on both feet. The footboard landing next to me and my hand getting rope burn from the strap. I remember saying, “What?! What?! You’re okay Coleen, you’re okay” as two dudes walked past who didn’t care. It was crazy.

Anyway, we were done at around 10 or 11 (I can’t remember when). We had to put the gas on the truck back up to half tank (which is how we received it). We had to return the truck but it was after hours so we had to find a legal spot to park a 14′ truck on the street on Hollywood Blvd. Ridic. We did it though and were STARVING afterward. We went through the McDonald’s drive-thru and went to eat it on the floor at our old apartment. The babies were all locked in the bedroom and behaving very nicely together might I add.

After we ate, we packed the baby faces into the car and drove home. They all cried the whole way, except for Edith who purred because she is on a different page from those bitches AT ALL TIMES haha.

We came home, showered and laid the mattress down on the living room floor to go to sleep. We only almost flipped the truck once.

Here’s our LONG day in pictures. Note the way I decline in appearance throughout the day. Its as if my systematic mental and physical deterioration is being picked up photographically.


























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