Day One Hundred and Ninety-seven

I am writing this post about today while I’m in bed. This is our last night in this place, our first apartment in LA. At this time two years ago, we were just signing the lease and SO GIDDY about it. We’d only decided for sure to move in June. We’d done a lot of research though so once we made the decision, the plans all fell into place. It was a “now or never” type situation. In the two years we’ve been here, we have struggled a LOT. We’ve also had some really incredible experiences. Like since I’ve been here, I’ve met Sally Field & Diane Sawyer. I got stuck in a small hallway with Marlee Matlin and Meatloaf. I helped the girls from “Pretty Little Liars” get a quick bathroom break before they went on stage. I gave directions to Chase Crawford. I ran into Marcia Cross on the streets TWICE. I was in a scene with Felicity Huffman on Desperate Housewives, JUST me and her. I met Tom Cruise’s son. I bought candy bars for Taylor Lautner and John Singleton. I got to intern briefly for legendary producer Laura Ziskin before she passed. THAT is definitely the thing I’m most proud of just because Stand Up to Cancer is SUCH a great cause and really such a mark of her integrity. Was glad to be of a tiny help.

Sorry if that seems braggy, I guess it is. I try not to put info like this on here because I don’t want to divulge information I ought not to and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a bigheaded jerk. I know to some people, meeting these actors and producers and directors and journalists means nothing. “They’re just people.” They are just people but to me it’s amazing because I am obsessed with the media so to have the opportunity to have done some of the things I’ve done? Incredible. And I need to remind myself of it sometimes. These years have been tough but also very rewarding.

So I’m gonna actually kind of miss this little apartment. A lot of frustrated tears and crocheted blanket-making went on in here. It’s like leaving behind a little friend I hadn’t realized that I’d made.

Anyway, today was good and productive. I didn’t get much done in here because I wanted to rest up and change over our services to the new address (and watch Little House). Tomorrow is gonna be a busy as hell day. Wish us luck!

(P.S. Kristyn was so proud of herself the other day for remembering to buy sandwich bags at Target because we’d run out. She bought snack bags instead and was SO SAD when she realized it. She made me lunch today and when I opened it this afternoon I died laughing because she’d segmented everything into tiny bags haha. Love it, see below.)







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