I just want to get out of work today and fast forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to get to stepping on this moving thing! Don’t get me wrong, tomorrow is going to be a NIGHTMARE. We are NOT in shape. Well, Kristyn is leagues more in shape than I am. BUT I have the stamina of a bull once I get going. I am a “GET THIS DONE AT ALL COSTS” person and this is precisely why I have such a bad back because if I get an idea in my head it has to be done and I push my stupid self too far. The good news is that although we don’t have movers, we DID rent handtrucks and furniture handtrucks from UHaul so we will have to lift some stuff but at least we won’t have to carry it in our noodle-arms. $7 to rent a handtruck for the day. $21 for the lot. Seriously, WHY haven’t we done this before? Idiots. And the truck is 20 beans and a bean per mile. We are moving exactly a mile from our current apartment so tack on like 10 bucks for all of the trips and returning it to the UHaul place (approx) and we’re good to go.

The one problem we are going to face tomorrow and IT IS GOING TO SUCK is that street cleaning is on Friday between 12 & 2pm on our block AND on our new one. F. So I don’t have the foggiest on what we’re going to do between 12 & 2 because we can’t load or unload nor can we park the damn truck because parking is HORRENDOUS in our current neighorhood during street cleaning. I don’t know what we’ll do because you know how moving is, once you sit down, that is IT. Haha. I guess we’ll just have to get as much done as is humanly possible in the morning, find some place to stow the truck and then maybe clean during those two hours? What a mess.

The good thing is that we will totally miss carmageddon because we live on the east side of LA. My company is closing at 2pm because of this unholy mess. I was originally considering not even taking off, just leaving half day and moving but if there’s traffic and I don’t get home until like 4, that would SUCK to get to stepping. Anyway, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get anything done being all anxiety-riddled wanting to get started, ya know?

Okay I called the city just now and they have something called “relaxed enforcent” in regards to sweeper parking BUT apparently it doesn’t apply here haha. The office was like “Is there a driveway you can pull into for that time?” And I was like “Nowaityeah! Duh why didn’t I think of that?!” There is TOTALLY a driveway on the side of our house haha. No one uses it and it’s not actually a driveway you can park in. It’s kind of a weird dirt alleyway that I have no idea who drives down it but once in a blue I’ll see a car there. We can just park there and put a note on the windshield to call us if someone needs to get out. DONE!

Anyway, I gotta go, I’m busy and tired of talking about this.

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