Day One Hundred and Ninety-six

Carmageddon is starting. It took me two hours to get home last night. Kristyn asked me to visit her at work to pick up some boxes and it took me an HOUR to get through Santa Monica. If you don’t know anything about Santa Monica, that’s A LOT OF TIME. After that, I got pizza at a pizza place across the street because I intended to go home and move some stuff to the new place. But by the time I got home, it was like 10 o’clock and my body was all “No thank you sir”. Also, Netflix changed their rates this week. Hiked them by something crazy like 60%. We had a plan that allowed us unlimited streaming and one DVD out at a time. This was, honestly, a steal. So they upped it to $15 a month for one DVD, unlimited streaming and we put our foot down. If we wanted to stay at $8 a month, we had to choose DVDs or streaming. DVDs have a lot more options but then you have to wait for them to come to you. Streaming has MORE than enough selection so that’s what we chose. I’m telling you all this because we have a Little House on the Prairie DVD out and it has to be returned soon or we’ll get charged the $15/month rate. Kristyn said to me yesterday morning, “YOU WATCH LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE TONIGHT OR YOU DO NOT WATCH IT AT ALL.” I don’t want to live in that world so I said, “Self? Watch you some Lil’ House until it’s time to pick up Krissy.” BUT I couldn’t find that stupid disc anywhere (the cats had knocked it on the floor and I didn’t find it until later). So I watched some “Arrested Development” and took a naparoo. I went to pick Kristyn up, came home and went to bed. SO RIVETING.






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