Day One Hundred and Ninety-two

Yesterday my iPhone camera wouldn’t work AT ALL so these are the only two pictures I possess. BUT I did a lot. Packed like whoa. I ran out of tape almost immediately and decided that rather than waste time trudging to the store, I could just throw all the soft stuff into plastic bags. I basically took everything out of the closet, put it into plastic garbage bags and put it back in again to store until we can move it. Hopefully we can start moving boxes tomorrow night. If we can get the boxes up outta here this week, on Friday we can move the furniture and clean some stuff. I was going to ask to take Friday off but we really need the money AND it’s going to be “Carmageddon”. They’re closing the 405 between 10 and 101 and it’s throwing all of LA into a panic. Unfortunately we BOTH work right by the 405 between 10 and 101. *sigh* Haha. SO my company is closing at 2pm so we all get home sometime before midnight. We figure that it’s probably just best I work the half day. Even if I get home later, we’ll just have furniture to contend with. It will suck to not start bright and early but at least we’ll have dollars.

Anyway I have more packing to do. Lata!



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