Our New Apartment

When I went to fill out the application for the new apartment the other day, they gave me another quick tour of the apartment. This time I took a few quick pictures. Quick meaning – They’re not terrific. I don’t even feel like they really show the place correctly but I didn’t want to take up too much of the building manager’s time by like “composing shots” and “fixing lighting”. “Oh please wait for my Hipstamatic app to load.”

So this apartment is kind of weird. It’s in an apartment building and I kind of WANT to call it railroad style but it’s kind of lofty/studio-ish. It’s called a “Junior” whatever that means. Regardless, it has an open floorplan, no walls really. When you walk in, the bedroom is to your right and you step down into the living room. Wait let me try to show you with the pictures.

Okay that door to the right?  That’s the front door.  That area behind the bars is the bedroom.  It looks smaller than it is in that picture.  That area to the far left is (I think) big enough to put our queen-sized bed.  The landlord thought maybe only a double would fit there but I think it’s big enough to put the headboard against the wall and the foot of the bed facing the white fence . (Which is there I guess so we don’t fall down?)

That door in the middle of the picture leads to the bathroom and the large closet.

The area in front of the fence is the living room and that counter on the lower right is the kitchen.  I don’t know whose table that is haha.


The problem with this apartment is that there is only one window.  The good thing about this apartment is that that window is the size of the wall and it leads to our own little balcony.  This is the left side of the balcony, it’s too small to sit in but I was thinking we could put some plants out here or build a little cage for the animals so they can come outside and sit with us.  Maybe I’ll build the cage and put some flowers on top!  As you can see, our neighbors use that little sliver for bike storage.


Here’s our little balcony.  It’s only enough room for a little table and chairs but it’s got an overhang and we can therefore sit out there when it rains.  I forgot to take a picture of the view but we can see downtown, it’s really pretty.  The landlord said we could put a net up on the top of the balcony if we want so the cats can’t get out.  We’re gonna think about it but that would kind of suck and make us feel like we were inside.


Here’s the bedroom again.


The bathroom area is funny.  When you walk in, this sink area is to your right and the walk-in closet is to your left.  We are THRILLED about the closet because our current closet is huge but we can’t ever get to it because our damn bed is too big. Anyway, the bathroom in this apartment is like a hotel or a motel.  the sink and mirror are in a little vestibule outside of the bathroom for some reason.  Inside the bathroom itself is only a toilet and a shower. The bathroom actually LOOKS like a hotel bathroom too.  I took pictures of it but they’re boring so I’ll post them when we have it done up nice.  We’re happy about this little sink area though because we are forever fighting to get in front of the mirror in our tiny bedroom.  Also we have nowhere to put our toiletries in our current place so they’re all just mishmash stacked on the dresser and fall down CONSTANTLY because Elvira walks on the dresser and knocks them all down.  At least here we can each take a side and preen in front of it.  “Get out of my side!”.  So anyway this little room is kind of like a changing area I suppose.  I guess because of the open floorplan, they give you a changing room.  *shrug*


Here is a dark picture of the apartment taken from the bedroom.  You’re looking at the living room, little kitchen area.  The one part of the apartment that I’m worried about is the kitchen.  I mean it’s great, they have a fridge, a huge AC and a dishwasher BUT there is  a lack of storage in the kitchen compared to where we are now.  Both kitchens are mini-sized but I feel like there is more cabinet space where we are now.  BUT like Kristyn said, we don’t exactly need an entire cabinet for plastic & paper bags nor do we need a cabinet dedicated to holiday table cloths, old irons and Chinese food menus. TRUE GIRL.  Anyway, I just showed you the darker picture so you can see the balcony.  There is actually a lot of natural light in this apartment, which our current apartment is lacking.  I don’t like how there’s only this ONE window but we are on a higher floor and we get a great breeze.


This is how the apartment actually looks.  IDK the ceilings are higher here and there is a lot of light.  The actual square feet of the apartment is not that much bigger than where we are now (although there is more space in the living room area I feel like) but it definitely has a more airy feel.  Also there is a lot more wall space which is good. 


For instance, currently the cats love to look out the window but they just stare endlessly at a patch of dirt.  Here they can see birds flying by, the sky, the trees.  Plus I really think they’ll enjoy galloping through this open space.  They love to chase each other around but they don’t have any room to really RUN in a straight line.  The furniture is all too fuckocked for them to get a good run going.  I think here they can do more tearassing around.

Okay, onto the “amenities”. We like this building because it is VERY pet friendly.  That’s kind of their selling point.  I’ve been there three times so far and there are always people coming in and out with their doggies.  So cute.  It’s just nice to live in a place where they understand that people love animals.  Too many landlords like kind of treat animal lovers like “I’m letting you get away with this” if they let you have animals.  That kind of sets the tone of feeling like you’re not quite welcome, at least to me. 

Also, they have a POOL!  This is “eh” news to Kristyn but BIG NEWS to me.  I LOVE TO SWIM!

And they have coin-laundry on site.  This is SUCH a relief to us. I don’t actually hate going to the laundromat, it’s not such a big deal.  What I DO hate though is that every time we go, it’s with a ridiculous amount of laundry.  We put it off and put it off and put it off until it can’t be put off no mo because we don’t want to spend every free second hauling ourselves down to the laundromat.  Here they have laundry on every floor.  I am just so glad to be able to wash my sheets and blankets and clothes whenever the funk I want!

Also, they have a trash chute.  You don’t have to bring the trash outside to the dumpster like we have to now.  I just hate taking out the trash so this is GREAT news to me and even BETTER news to Kristyn because, I admit, most trash-taking-out falls to her…BUT all of the bathroom cleaning falls to me so let’s just feel sorry for both of us and get it out of the way right? 

And they have a locked front door entrance.  This is great news to me because I have never felt safe in our current apartment.  It’s street-level and our front door is right there.  I guess that’s how a lot of houses are but it doesn’t make me feel safe because this is a city and this is a hot city and you know how crazy heat makes people.  I just have always been kind of “ready to fight” the entire time I’ve been living here.  It’s a bummer.

And they have locked off-street parking.  This is excellent news for both of us.  Each apartment comes with a free spot and if we got another car, it would only be another $25/month to get another spot.  We have gotten so many goddamn parking tickets in LA it is ridiculous.  Remember just last summer we got our car TOWED because we couldn’t pay our tickets.  NIGHTMARE situation. 

The final really great thing about this apartment is the park across the street.  I feel like I already mentioned this but it’s so cute.  Oh yes I did mention it but didn’t say “why” we’d come to look at this park.  A few weeks ago we’d looked at this apartment, not meaning to move but just to casually start looking, kind of scouting places for when we did want to move.  We liked this apartment A LOT but wanted to take it slow.  The landlord told us about the park and a few days after looking at the apartment, we decided to go take a walk through it.  It’s SO CUTE guys.  There is a little track for walking/running.  There are little barbeques so people can have picnics.  There is a swing set (that I’m pretty sure my fat ass could use).  There is even like gymnastic equipment…rings, parallel bars, uneven bars.  There’s a basketball court.  There is a rumor that there is even a gym with workout equipment in there!  We couldn’t venture farther into the park but there seemed to go deeper.  We need to go back.  Apparently the park used to be kind of scary/shady but was recently revitalized.  The city put money into it to spruce it up and make it safe and now there are a lot of picnicing families and dogwalkers.  Cute.  The landlord said that plenty of women walk their dogs out there at night too.  I don’t know that I would want to test drive wandering around there at night but I appreciate the sentiment.

So that’s it!  This apartment is like $15 more per month in rent than where we currently are.  The apartment itself is not like our DREAM apartment but it’s definitely more cheerful and airy and I think more suited to what we need.  I am thinking of it like we are living in Mary Tyler Moore’s apartment or maybe even Rhoda’s.  I always like how their apartments have no walls.  I think I can make this place really cute and I think that even though it has no walls, it will be a lot more comfortable for visitors because it’ll be less cramped.

Anyway, that’s that.  WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!

P.S. This apartment is in the same neighborhood as our current one.  We’d been hoping to move to a different neighborhood for a change but this place just has too much of what we need.  And we’re excited to stay because we can keep going to the same supermarket.  We REALLY love our supermarket.

4 thoughts on “Our New Apartment

  1. I think it is adorable! So happy for you girls..Now who is the old landlord going to blame? haha…Best of luck in your new home! Love Jenn & Daniele

  2. YAY! i love every thing about this. When we were out in St Louis, i was pretty miserable, but had to suck it up at some point and give it an honest try. I think this is where you are now (not because you were off pouting the first two years like i was, def legitimate reasons). I felt the same way about the clock ticking down to get back to NJ but would show up with what gained? other than being able to say i lived in st louis. Just think of how fast the last two years went, and the next two will be even faster while you guys are super busy.

    • Thanks Jill! Yeah we don’t want to come home empty-handed. I mean one way or the other we had experiences here that we definitely would not have had if we’d stayed home. We WANT to come home, no doubt about that shit. The idea of being here for another one, possibly TWO years is mind-melding to me. But we have a lot more time to think out here. When we were trying to go to school at home, it took us TWELVE YEARS because of all of the noise of everyone’s problems and everyone’s good times and everyone’s everything. You get caught up with life. Balancing a full-time job with a million personal committments can be a lot. Balancing a full-time job with a million personal committments and school is impossible. Because no matter how dedicated you are to finishing, there is ALWAYS gonna be someone who is trying to get you to blow off writing a paper or trying to pressure you into having a good time instead of doing what you’re supposed to do. And that’s GREAT. Can’t complain about having people around who want to have fun with you. The problem is that I can’t say no. I will but then I cave. For me, I really think that being out here with no distractions will make it go so much quicker. If we came home, we’d just get caught up in the swirl of birthdays, holidays, vacations, drama, etc. Out here, we ain’t got nothing but time. I want to bang it out and get HOME without school being in the way. And if we want to go back again, which we do, we will at least have gotten this first step out of the way.

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