Day One Hundred and Ninety

Yesterday I wore pants to work and I felt like ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound sack all day. Do not like. As a result it made me feel kind of sick, stiff and uncomfortable. In this picture below, I had just recovered from a yellowjacket attack. Where I’m sitting is kind of like a planter. There’s a wall and then dirt and trees with woodchips. I was sitting on the wall with my feet in front of me. I saw a yellowjacket on the ground and it scurried toward me. I pulled me feet up into the woodchips, stood up and RAN inside the planter like a jerk.  Here I am shamed:


Here are my feet inside the planter.  Damn pants.


After work I stopped at a little taco stand near our house.  I was NOT in the mood to cook and THEN pack.  This is Sunset Blvd facing towards our house:


I got two potato tacos and chips.  So cute, so good, so cheap and really fresh.  There are taco stands all over our neighborhood.  That’s a good enough reason to stay, no? 


This is Sunset Boulevard facing away from our current apartment and toward our soon-to-be. 


This is a screen shot of my iPhone.  It’s my birthday minute.  I sent it to Kristyn for good luck because we’re superstitious.


Here is a packet of “Dorothy Zbornak for President” stickers that Kristyn gave me a few years ago.  I always find them when we’re moving.  I really need to start affixing these to mail.  God I love these. Thanks Kristyn!


And here is a screen shot of my phone at 11:11.  Again, we’s superstitious.


Here’s the packing we have gotten done so far. We don’t have many boxes and we’ve maxed them out.  Need to go on a box hunting mission tonight.  When I came home I packed for a few hours and then sat down to write my blog for yesterday.  In the short period of time it took me to write that, I became EXHAUSTED.  I had an hour until I had to pick Kristyn up for work so I decided to lay down.  I fell asleep IMMEDIATELY.  Deep too.  But so goddamn refreshing.  Like a joyful nap.  Felt so good.


I also had a pretty unpleasant experience with a mover yesterday.  We have never hired a mover before EVER but we both have pretty bad backs and I figured I’d look into it just to kind of fact-gather.  I got a few quotes from a couple of companies and one was really reasonable.  I contacted the guy who’d given me the best quote to confirm and he got really pissed at me when I asked him what time he’d be coming and when I am supposed to pay him.  It turns out he’s dealing with a dying family member and currently out of state.  He got really high ratings on yelp but kind of dragged me into his shit.  All I did was email him to confirm and ask a few questions, he could have like, answered later.  Instead he emailed me back immediately to scream at me that he is at the airport and on vacation, that I need to understand that he only gets a few days off a month and is dealing with a dying relative.  Okay buddy, I probably didn’t need to know all of that.  I wished him and his family well, told him that I was sorry and that I was going to decline his services and either find someone else or do it myself.  I don’t know what we’re gonna do.  The idea of us moving all of that stuff alone makes my back throb. BUT that event kind of made me feel slapped.  I was so excited about the prospect of having help and his yelling at me kind of soured my day.  And it happend first thing in the morning so yeah, boo.  I’m not going to give him a bad yelp recommendation though because he’s kind of not in his right mind I suppose.  Doesn’t deserve to have his business dissed but talk about bad customer service…I didn’t even use your service and you ruined my day!  Haha.

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