Day One Hundred and Eighty-eight

Um, yesterday I was something you might call “what the cat dragged in”. I maaaay have overindulged on the fourth of July. Maybe. Mid-day, my limbs started getting hurty and I wondered if I was coming down with the flu. I reminded myself, of course, that this is Ju-fng-ly and I haven’t been around anyone with the flu at all. This achey feeling I was experience was none other than the aches and pains one feels when one exercises. Novel. As I said, we walked a LOT on Monday. When we got home, we settled some stuff that we are planning and then I made us dinner. We had Facon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches with onion. I had a salad on the side, Kristyn had none. Then Krissy went to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things: TP, litter for the bunny and ice cream. We are having an ice cream problem lately. I made the mistake of throwing myself across the bed and that was sort of it for me. My muscles relaxed and I could barely muster the strength to gallop across the house with the animals when Kristyn returned. Oh I did it, but it was less clumsy than it usually looks. After that, we sat in bed and ate ice cream (vanilla with peanut butter cups and maybe caramel swirls? so good) while watching more Taxi. We got our Tony Danza on yo. Kristyn feels like if she were a character on this show she would be Ignatowski. She got offended the other day when I suggested she’d be a Nardo/Ignatowski hybrid. Understandable.

Anyway, I passed the heck out minutes into watching the first episode, I think. All I remember is Kristyn shutting off the lights, looking up and seeing that it was 11:10pm. Craziness because we never go to bed that early.






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