Day One Hundred and Eighty-five

Yesterday I had a lazyass day. I had SUCH a major headache all day. I napped all morning which I never do. Then I watched all of the rest of season 2 of Glee. I swear to God that show has opened up a brand new chamber in my heart. I cry at almost every single episode. Love love love.

ALSO. The other night when me and Kristyn were in the supermarket, I saw the Glee kids on a box of something or other. I stopped dead in my tracks and told Kristyn about how I just read an article where Cory Montieth says he used to be a hardcore drug addict. Kristyn was like, “Really?” I was like you know which one he is? (Really I’d pointed at him and said, “This one used to be a drug addict blahblahblah…” and she was like, “Who Cory Montieth?” And THEN I was like, “Wait how do you know who he is?” because Kristyn isn’t into celebrity gossip and never therefore knows what I’m nattering on about.)

ANYWAY. She goes, “Oh yeah I escorted him at the GLAAD Awards last year. We were mobbed by girls and then we got on an escalator together. We were casually riding up it and I said, ‘Hey you seem to be pretty popular with the ladies, you must be big eh?’ And he looked at me like I was crazy.”

I was like, “Kristyn he is basically the star of the show.” She was like, “Yeah I guess it makes sense why he thought that was a weird question for me to ask.”

In all fairness I really didn’t know who these kids were either. They were at last year and this year’s GLAAD Awards. This year I WAS a little starstruck by Chris Colfer just because I love the impact his character has had on the gay community. BUT NOW if I saw him I’d faint I think. I LOVE KURT. And he walked right past a bitch not even three months ago and now I’d die. I’m an idiot.

Anyway, off to watch more Glee! (Kristyn’s watching season 1 now.)







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