Day One Hundred and Eighty-two

Yesterday was pretty pleasant. Work went by pretty quick. I came home afterwards and chilled in the bedroom. I watched more of Glee. If I haven’t made it clear enough to you yet, I am a full on fucking Gleek and remain unrepentant about this fact. I guess it’s the snob inside of me that was all, “Yeah it’s cute but I don’t get the fan worship about a show that involves singing and dancing.” You know what it is? It’s just so goddamn positive. It’s a literal joy to watch. It’s funny. It’s progressive. It’s smart. It’s charming. It’s totally unlike anything else on tv. I’ve crossed over.

Anyway, here are my pictures from yesterday. I ate leftover Chinese for lunch and then walked up to McDonald’s to get ice cream. I’ve been ice cream crazy lately. Don’t hate.









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