Day One Hundred and Eighty-one

Yesterday I had another reeeeeeeally sloooooow daaaaaay aaaaaat woooooooork. I prefer to move at a steady clip but I always try to be appreciative of the slow days because you would die for one on a busy day no?

We were supposed to go do laundry but instead decided to go get Chinese food from Point Dume (this place around the block from us). We got Orange Tofu, Vegetable Chow Mein and rice. It was good and we had the leftovers for lunch today. I THOUGHT that the Chinese replaced the laundry and Kristyn thought that Laundry followed Chinese. Turns out I had checked waaaay out of the laundry plan and Kristyn was still raring to go. We tried to come up with some alternative solutions but ultimately Kristyn ended up doing a little bit of her laundry in the sink and yours truly laid flat on her back on the chaise lounge. Maybe I’ll do it tonight. *YAWN*











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