Day One Hundred and Eighty

Yesterday was a nice day. It was slow at work because two of my bosses were out of the office. Phones were dead so I caught up on a lot of filing work. I had lunch and then sat outside in the sun for a while, hence all of the ridiculous photos below. I was listening to Harry Potter and fooling around with my camera apps. Sorry so boring haha.

I came home and Kristyn had cleaned SO MUCH! She did all the things you don’t usually think to do but make SUCH a difference all added up. She straightened up drawers and shelves. She decluttered things. She vacuumed and then vaccumed edges of things and on/around things. Got rid of some cobwebs we hadn’t realized were there. All kinds of weird stuff like that. Our apartment is actually livable currently.

I stopped home and to pick up some frozen pizza and ice cream at Krisytn’s behest. She’d intended to do a little more cleaning and I’d intended to be active too but that pizza really did my ass in. I felt guilty being home while Kristyn was at work Sunday so I’d made myself busy. But that meant that I was already kind of tired by Monday. With the pizza in me, I was a goner. So tonight we’re going to go do some laundry and then put clothes away. Kristyn had wanted to put the clothes away last night but I was all, “Why are we going to put them away if they’re all dirty and we need to wash them? Why don’t we wash them and then put them away?” This defense worked with Kristyn and I was able plonk myself down on the couch. Guys, I fell asleep at 10:15. I usually don’t go to sleep until at LEAST midnight. I was tired y’alls. Kristyn looked through her magic stuff whilst I was sleeping. I hope she gets back into it, she was getting really good at it!

So that was that. Here are my crazy/boring pictures for you to enjoy.















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