Day One Hundred and Seventy-nine

Yesterday morning we had brekky plans with our friend Hayden. We went and picked him up and went to a Bagel Place in Burbank. So good. We both got onion bagels with onion cream cheese. After that, we decided to stop by a park we’d heard was good just to take a quick looksee around. It was really cute. We were SUPPOSED to go straight home because I wanted Kristyn to get some rest before she had to go to work but she really wanted to check the place out. I’m glad we did. They have a track you can walk/jog around. They have swings. They have like uneven bars, rings and parallel bars. They have a basketball court and a playground and a gym apparently. We didn’t even go far into the park. So cute, we’re going to have to start going there. We’ve been looking for something like this for a while and it’s RIGHT THERE. Duh.

After that, we DID come home and nap for a spell. It felt so good. I got up and made us some lunch so Krissy could chill. We had some coffee, burgers and corn on the cob. Then it was time for Krissy to leave. Because we were tired and she had to go to work, I really didn’t want to sit around all day. So I wrote up a list and started getting things done. Here’s what I did:

1) Took that jacked up nail polish off my nails from last weeek. The middle fingers had both chipped off haha.
2) Repainted my nails clear.
3) Repainted my toenails.
4) Glue the top to the sugar bowl back together (a project I was supposed to do months ago). We’ve been using foil as a lid for like six months. Ridiculous.
5) Dishes.
6) Cleaned the bathroom.
7) Cleaned off the kitchen table (there was papers and debris on it).
8) Hung up the wet clothes from Saturday (they were lazily sitting in a plastic bag).
9) Straightened up the living room.
10) Did 150 jumps with the jump rope. (Damn that’s hard. I did it in three sessions haha.)
11) Dismantled part of Edith’s cage. We have a cage with her litter box in it from when she was going outside the box. It’s HUGE though because we thought we might have to keep her in there sometimes. Turns out she hates it and doesn’t ever want to be in there. So I halved it so that there would be change but not TOTAL change. She seems to like it okay as do the rest of the cats. It’s easier to clean now too.
12) Blogged, natch.
13) Made myself a little dinner (just a chick patty sandwich).
14) Straightend up the desk in the living room.
15) Found some of my left flip flops. For some reason I could only find four rights.

And I think that’s it. Oh I showered twice yesterday too. Oh and I cleaned the filter for the AC and put it on. And fed the animals. Also I made ice. And took some garbage out. And swept. And put some blankets away. And I don’t know what else. But I slept like the dead last night FOR REAL.

I have more I want to do again today while I have some momentum going haha.






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