Day One Hundred and Seventy-eight (Night)

Continued from other post…

So the ride Kristyn decided she would go on was the swings and that’s cool because we both like that a lot. THE PROBLEM was that my ass was way too big for the swing. I couldn’t sit flat down in the swing! This freaked me out because I have ridden those swings before with no problem. Momma needs to figure out something to do with her ass situation STAT.


After that delightful fiasco, we went on the below ride which is called “Montezuma’s Revenge”.  This is where we saw OctoMom last time we were here in 2009.


While walking through the queue to the line, three boys just totally cut us off on line.  I got mad and was like, “So you’re really going to cut us off?”  And the one kid laughed and was like “Yeah I guess so.”  And I couldn’t even stop myself from saying, “Well you should be ashamed of yourselves.”  And the kid kind of laughed and his friends turned around.  And I was like “I’m not kidding.  You really ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  There’s three of you and two of us and we’re girls to boot.”  They really didn’t say anything or like go back behind us but they were REAL QUIET the whole time standing on line.  It was like cutting someone off to get to a red light.  The three of us literally cut us in line but got directly in front of us only for us to wait in line TOGETHER for like fifteen minutes.  Idiots haha.  Anyway here we are on that line haha. Der.  Krissy looks cute though.


This is a big blow-up Snoopy.  It’s actually one of those bouncy-castle thingmies.



And here’s Snoopy Camping.


And I spose Linus is landing on the moon?


And this is a waterfall lit up blue.


And you can walk over a little rope bridge into a cave and get behind the waterfall.  Here is Krissy trying to make a shadow haha.


Krissy’s grill again. This picture is out of sequence but I don’t know where else it goes so let’s just keep it here, alright with you?


This picture was taken walking out of the cave.  We wanted to get the lights and the lit up tree.  Cute picture.


Here I am looking decidedly less cute and a little more worse for the wear haha.


Here is Schroeder doing his do.  We went into the store that this is behind and found out that everything was lit up because they it was actually like a weird event.  You could buy glasses for a bean that showed all the lights as hearts, stars or snowflakes.  Only the kiddie section was lit up (which is what we were in above).  I got hearts and Kristyn got stars but the stars sucked so we switched it out for hearts later on.


Once we realized that we were SUPPOSED to be looking at the lights with the glasses on, we wandered back into the kiddie world.  Kristyn still had her star glasses on at this point so it wasn’t as awesome for her as it was for me with the hearts but that was okay because we ended up walking through this land like three more times and Kristyn had hearts for at least two of the three times haha.  For some reason the regular camera on my phone quit working.  I’d been using that one because it takes up less battery than Hipstamatic but that camera was frozen so from here on out I just took Hipstamatic ones, battery be damned!  Here’s Snoopy again.


Here’s Kristyn with her glasses on in kiddie lit up world.


Here is a weird picture of me with my glasses on.  Turned out cool right?


And I love this picture of both of us with our glasses on although my double chin is edging Kristyn out of the photo.


This was a SUPER ANNOYING gigantic cellie in the middle of lighted kiddie world.  Lighted kiddie world or (Camp Snoopy as I spose it’s really called) was HELLA CHAOTIC.  That stupid cellie was literally ringing off the hook.  And then there was the Peanuts gang song but a weird version of it and then some really sinister music.


Lucy’s grill.


This is a picture I tried to take of the swings through the lens of my heart glasses. If you look closely you can see the hearts.  It looks cooler with the glasses on.


And here’s another heart one.  We didn’t take one with the stars I don’t think.


Sally’s head!


Kristyn in her glasses.  Cute picture.


Snoopy camping again. I just thought it was cute. Sue me.


This was the land.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was REALLY COOL.


Another lit up area and a roller coaster.


Kristyn in front of a lit up area with her glasses on.  Not everyone knew about the glasses though so I kept hearing people say stuff about our 3D glasses haha.


After that we were gonna go on a roller coaster called the Ghost Rider but it was a 45 minute wait. No way.  We decided to finally get our funnel cake and go home.  We walked all the way around the park again and even though it was like 9:45 (and the park closed at 11), all the food stands had closed.  We had to go to one right in the front of the park to get this.  That’s boysenberry topping.  This tasted like nothing.


Here’s Kristyn “enjoying it”.  Haha.  We threw like half of this out (more probably).  Yeah we didn’t go on any rides other than those two.  Mostly we just wandered around like weirdos looking at lights and taking pictures.  It was fun though.  We realized we aren’t into rides anymore on this trip haha.


We were SO TIRED when we got home that we went straight to bed. Even though we didn’t go on any rides really, this was a GREAT day. *HUGHUGHUG Kristyn!* Thank you for making it happen!

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