Day One Hundred and Seventy-eight (Day)

We decided to go to Knott’s Berry Farm yesterday. We figured that we could go to Universal with my Mom and this way we could go to Knott’s Water Park. We got up and were out of the house by about 10am. I’d wanted to leave earlier but we had a problem with our power. I guess the whole block went out. I called LADWP and put in a complaint and they called to say it was fixed later on in the day. At first we weren’t sure if it was just us or not. It went out at like 9am so we really couldn’t ask our neighbors. We knew we’d paid our bill but double checked it just to make sure it went through (paranoid). We flipped the breakers too, nothing. Finally I saw one of our next-door neighbors outside and she said hers was off too so that gave us the A-OK to leave.


We had to go to Ralph’s to buy the tickets and my allergies were starting to bother me so we bought some nasal spray at CVS.


Here I am fresh faced and ready to g-o.


Here’s Kristyn talking to her Momma on the horn on the way to Knott’s.


This was right after we got there at the entrance.  Technically you are forbidden to take pictures here for some reason but I am bad to the bone.




I couldn’t take any pictures in the Water Park because I don’t have a water-proof camera (yet) so you’ll just have to believe me when I say we had the most fun all day at the water park.  Mainly we were lazy.  We went in and went straight into the Wave Pool.  The water was SO nice and warm.  Kristyn hates cold water and she got right into this water. Sure we almost drowned but it was a fun drowning.  The wave pool was so crowded and chaotic that we felt like we were in Titanic.  (More fun than it sounds.)  After that, we went around the lazy river TWICE.  We just laid on the tubes and went around, it was so nice.  After that we had a powerful hunger so we ate shitty pizza and fries at their overpriced concession stand.  There was this one slide that Kristyn was DYING go on. There was a covered tube slide that slid down into this HUGE pink and purple funnel and you slide up and down the walls of said funnel.  Up to four people can ride it at one time on a tube.  We had a two-seater tube and I am here to say that that was the most horrifying water slide I have ever been on. The second we got into the tube, it flipped around so that I was backwards.  But the guy hadn’t really given me the time to fully get into the tube properly.  I think I was supposed to be laying down moreso but I was kind of sitting up so my back caught the wind and I was like lifted up out of my seat a few times.  When we got into the funnel, the tube flipped around again and when we went up the VERY HIGH wall, I was on top.  We went so high up that I almost fell forward out of the tube. I am never scared on rides like that but this really scared me.  I was shaking when we got off of it. We were going to go on something else but I was like, “Do you mind if we just go into the pool again for a while or something just so I can calm down and get myself wet again?”  Kristyn agreed and off to the wave pool we went again.  We were having such a good time in there that we decided we didn’t want to do anything else haha.  That slide as literally the ONLY slide we went on and the rest of the time we spent flopping around in the wave pool haha.  After that Kristyn decided she wanted a hot shower and to be dry so we got everything out of our locker and hit the showers.  We were at the water park for about four hours though so that was a pretty decent amount of time.

After we showered, we went back to the car to put on our makeup and get ready.  We’d put on dry clothes in the water park’s changing area but we needed to put on our sneakers and do our hairs, etc.  We talked to my Mom on the phone and I tried to fix my allergies.  OMG my allergies were KILLING me all day long, it was bananas.

Anyway, here is Kristyn de-hairing her clothes.




And here I am, clean, dry and surprisingly lucid-looking.  Believe me I was not.  My allergies were carazy.


Here’s Kristyn wandering back to the car because she forgot somefing.


These chickens were outside Knott’s Berry Farms just SCREAMING trying to get in that gate.  I felt bad for them but also found them to be hilarious.  There are a LOT more chickens or rooster friends or whatever behind that gate.


Knott’s Berry Farm!


This was just the sign outside of Lucy’s restaurant haha.


And I just took this because I love Sally.

Some dancers  in Fiesta World or something.  They were good.

Here’s Kristyn flirting with las damas.


We were DYING to eat something.  They had no veggie options anywhere.  The Mexican food in the above-world looked kind of promising but we ultimately decided to push on.

I took a picture of this roller coaster just because I liked the way it looked in shadow.


We decided on Johnny Rocket’s.  Kristyn (or I) would not normally be caught dead in Johnny Rocket’s just because we really don’t like the food much.  I will eat it but I’m never thrilled but to Kristyn, Johnny Rocket’s is on the “Hell to the no” list and she looks at me like I’ve really hurt her feelings whenever I suggest it (when we’re somewhere and it’s the only convenient option).  BUT we know they have a veggie burger so we decided to go there.  We were also SO THIRSTY.  Here’s Kristyn satisfied to finally be taking a load off and at our final eating destination.


Here I am blurry and crazy.  The blurriness is apt for my mental state in this picture. I felt blurry.  God I have a serial killer face.  Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me I have crazy eyes?


After we dined (and yes it was sort of gross), we wandered, bloated, out into the night.  I saw this dude staring daggers at me and needed a picture.


I asked Kristyn if she wanted to go on this roller coaster or the one above and she firmly said “NO!”


This one I didn’t even want to go on.  I went on it in Wildwood, NJ and once was enough.


To be continued yo.

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