Day One Hundred and Seventy-seven

Yesterday was great! We had an “executives gone wild” day at work aka Summer Fridays (which means that almost no one was there which means that the phones weren’t ringing and we had a relaxing day). Kristyn picked me up from work and we went to try to buy tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm at Ralph’a but they don’t sell them past 7pm (?!) and it was already 8:15. So we went out to the car and that’s when we found out that the gay marriage bill in NY was passed! We read stuff online and cried and hugged. So happy! Our plan is to get married in NY so that works out perfectly!

After that we went to Target to pick some groceries and odds and ends up. That took us FOREVER because you know how Target is a voluminous vortex of needs. For instance we went there for groceries and left with packages of underwear. Why? Why not? We were exhausted so we came home and went straight to bed and watched coverage on NY until we fell asleep. Great day!

* ALSO! Kristyn bought me a prize yesterday! She bought me a jump rope!

* AND! That picture of her was one she took in the bathroom at LG on the sneak tip haha.

* FINALLY! That sneaker is a picture Kristyn took at the Sporting Goods store she bought the jump rope prize for me from.








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