Dreams and Amusement Parks

I only got four hours of sleep last night (more or less). I’m a lil sleepy. It felt like I had the same dream all night long:

I was with a bunch of people and we were all due to board a flight to Japan in the morning. No one seemed to care and I was the only one with any sense of urgency. There were probably like seven of us and I was like, “GUYS. Quit lollygagging around and GO IN THE SHOWER.” Also, no one would pack. And then once we finally got into the car, no one would drive, so I had to. (Sidebar: This is kind of unusual because whenever I dream about being in a car, I’m always in the back seat. Analyze that.) So basically I knew we were going to miss our flight. There just wasn’t enough time to get there and board with all of these slackers holding me back. But I insisted on getting us to the airport anyway and hoping that somehow things worked out or hoping that I could wheedle our way onto the flight or hoping that they’d give us tickets for the next flight out. Bottom line was: I wasn’t going to miss this damn trip because these loveable layabouts wanted to fool around. We had just gotten to the airport I think when Kristyn woke me up. I was in such a deep sleep that I didn’t hear my alarm AT ALL.

So yeah, I dunno. If I really wanted to analyze this dream it would be as follows:

1) I guess I have a subliminal urge to visit Japan. Oh shit, that’s because I was reading an article yesterday about how a pop star in Japan turned out to be a digital amalgamation of the best features of the pop group she was in’s members.

2) I knew we had to get up soon and was nervous about it. We’d wanted to leave a bit early because Kristyn had to stop off at school before work. So I was sleep-nervous about waking up.

3) In the morning, Kristyn NEVER wakes up to the alarms. Every morning I have to be like, “Kristyn…Kristyn…Kristyn…KRISTYN…KRISTYN!!!” Hahaha. But I can’t talk crap because we go through turns where she’s the one responsible for getting my ass up and then when I’m the one responsible for getting her ass up. It’s almost her turn to be the one responsible. Almost.

4) Regarding the car. I AM always in the back seat of cars in my dreams. I guess this means that I feel pulled in a direction by circumstances beyond my control. Lately I have some stuff going for me and things kind of seem like maybe they’ll start going my way. Maybe not TOTALLY my way but at least parallel to my way and not like opposite direction from my way haha. I guess that’s why I was in the driver’s seat. In reality, a lot of my life right now is really up in the air and dependent on other people’s decisions. BUT I’ve been very proactive in trying to get shit done. So there’s that.

And I am SO EXCITED because Kristyn has tomorrow off! AAAAAAND we’re going to an amusement park!!! We haven’t nailed down which one though yet.

1) Disney is where I really kinda wanna go but that’s too expensive. I think I’d like to wait to go there until it’s a holiday season anyway. Disney does holidays GREAT.

2) Universal is a little more cost-effective and it’s 15 minutes from my house AND a studio tour is included in the price of the ticket. PLUS they have a really good special going on where if you are a SoCal resident, basically for the price of one ticket, you get a six month pass. For ten dollars more, you get a full year. That’s really cool.

3) There’s Six Flags which a lot of people say is fun but we have a Great Adventure at home and I’m never thrilled with it. I don’t feel like going there.

4) Sea World! We never got to go there when we lived in Orlando and so we really want to go there BUT I am not in the mood to look at fish all day. I really want to go somewhere cute with rides where I can take cute pictures and eat carnival food. Sea World IS in our future but I put a “please just not this weekend” on it and Kristyn complied (although she REALLY wants to go there). I’m right there with her but it’s not what I was imagining for this weekend.

5) Knott’s Berry Farms. Honestly we’ve already been here twice. BUT both times were during Halloween. We came here on our trip out here in 2008 and again when some friends came in 2009. So we’ve never been here during the daylight or when it was just itself. Honestly and for truly, we didn’t even go on any rides really because they have 13 Haunted Houses and that’s what we went there fore. So basically we’ve been here but we haven’t like “really been here”. Also, their theme is THE PEANUTS GANG!! This bitch loves her some Peanuts gang. AND I just read online that they have a WATER PARK. This bitch loves her some water slides and lazy rivers and wave pools. Also, they have a SUPER cheap discount if you buy the tickets at Ralph’s (it’s a grocery store).

So really our mind is mostly made up on Knott’s Berry Farms but we’s gonna discuss it again tonight. I DO love the idea of having season tickets to Universal. This way if people come, we can go and not have to pay for it. And if we’re bored and have a day off, we have another option on “what we can do”. And buying one ticket, gets you six months so it’s kinda worth it to spend the money, even if we go only one more time. My Momma might be coming next month so it would be cool to take her there since they have the studio tour included. So yeah IDK.


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