Why Kristyn is rolling her eyes at me on a daily…

Picture from CNN.com

Guys, I am way into this Casey Anthony trial. Kristyn is so good with me. She doesn’t give a shit about this trial other than to feel sorry for that little girl. And yet she listens to me as I give her a daily play-by-play of “what went down in the courtroom” (that I wasn’t even at). And I’m an idiot because I’m not even getting my information from a Florida news site. I’m getting it truncated from CNN. I DID go on a Florida site the other day though and they had WAY more information. Almost too much information to process. I like how CNN dumbs things down for me. Thanks CNN!

Anyway, I KNOW that these are real lives at stake. And I DO feel macabre for tuning into such a dog and pony show that centers around the death of a child. I’m sure we ALL do. But this trial is FASCINATING no? I don’t have cable otherwise you’d never hear from me again. My eyeballs would be crazy-glued to my screen. For now all I have is CNN articles and video of the best parts of the witness stand. Oh and super-scandalous video of Nancy Grace and really confusing video of Dr. Drew (and his pet theory about Xanax – which isn’t so deluded).

It’s just so crazy to me, because like the OJ trial, it is just so PAINFULLY obvious that she did it. And it’s almost crazy to watch her defense team and the shenanigans they come up with. Like if that little girl DID drown in the pool, WHY aren’t they asking what Casey and her father did with the body? Wouldn’t that be a horrible crime in and of itself? I mean if the baby drowned in the pool, that shit happens. It’s horrible but it happens. But to then take the baby and stuff her in a bag and ditch her somewhere? Come on. ASK SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT! I guess if this were a TV movie, we’d get coming attractions for that testimony. Maybe if Casey gets up on the stand.

And guys, please don’t judge me for saying this but I almost kind of feel bad for Casey Anthony. There’s no way in hell that woman could ever get a fair trial because she’s already being tried by the media and public perception. And believe me, I’m one of the torch holders. I believe that woman is guilty as sin. But if you step back for a second and rid yourself of the noise. Just consider for one second what they’re saying…anything is possible. On the Florida website, they have letters that Casey wrote to another inmate. They’re so childish. She could have been writing them knowing they’d be read. That’s always a possibility. But they show that this is an immature woman with no scope of reality. Also, it’s been proven that she is a liar. That makes her look bad. What her defense is trying to say is that she was raped and molested by her brother and her father. They’re trying to say that one of them might have impregnated her and been the father of Caylee. They ruled out the brother but haven’t ruled out the father (I don’t think). WHAT IF…the abusive father knew that his daughter was a liar? Used that to frame her? He’d need motive to kill the kid though. OR it could’ve been an accident.

Whatever. All I’m saying is that selfishly, I kind of hope the defense comes out with some bombshell simply because it would be interesting to see them flip the script on a trial that seemed over before it started. I think it’s more likely and logical that this girl killed her daughter for whatever reasons she had. One of Kristyn’s theories, and this is quite sound, is that if she was molested and raped by her brother and her father, maybe she turned around and started molesting Caylee herself. This is what victims of molestation do sometimes. Maybe she couldn’t take doing it and took Caylee out to save herself and the girl from any harm. OR maybe she was afraid of Caylee being molested or raped by the father and brother and killed her to “save her”. OR maybe she’s a wacko and did it because she was sick and tired of not getting a chance to “be young”. OR maybe she killed the girl because she was jealous of the positive attention the little girl got from her own parents. It’s been proven that Casey has a rocky relationship with her parents.

Whatever, there are a LOT of theories floating out there, each one more plausible and/or ridiculous than the next. Dr. Drew’s theory is that Zanny the Nanny never existed because “Zanny” is a code name for Xanax. He feels like maybe Casey was dosing Caylee with Xanax as a way to put her down for the night so she could go out and party. But buying prescriptions is expensive and making chloroform is cheap so maybe she started doing that to put her down. “Chloroform” was searched 80 something times on their family’s computer. But they can’t tell who did the searching and Casey lived in her parents home at the time. But also “neck breaking”, “suffocation” and all kinds of other stuff was searched for too. But how do we know that Casey is the one who did the searches? It’s LIKELY but who the hell knows?

It’s just interesting to me to see all the witnesses they bring up on the stand. Like yesterday they had a botanist give testimony to figure out how long Caylee’s body had been in the place where it had been found. Lots of little details were taken in to consideration like the height of the vegetation growing through her bones and whether or not the bones could have been pushed down into the mud by animals or sunk down into the mud because of rain.

What I can’t believe is the shit that the defense is pulling. That guy is a shark for real. He’s been pulling ALL KINDS of shit. Like just saying stuff he knows he’s not supposed to to plant seeds into the jury’s minds just before lunch recess so that that thought has time to simmer and grow roots. Manipulative guy. A helluva lawyer to have on your side though because he’s risking being brought up on contempt proceedings after the trial is through. I feel bad for everyone involved with this mess, especially that little girl.

Anyway that’s what my daily schedule is lately. Feverishly reading Casey Anthony articles and then reiterating them to an exhausted Kristyn. What a good girl she is.

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