Day One Hundred and Seventy-four

I had a bizzy, bizzy day yesterday. At lunch I went with a coworker to Barnes and Noble so she could pick up the third book in the Hunger Games series. I read book one over a year ago. I really need to re-read that and then the rest of the series. What else? I had a bangin salad yesterday. Made it with my own two pudgy hands. Also, we went to Jersey Mike’s in West Hollywood. It’s a chain sub shop that actually first opened in Point Pleasant, NJ! Holla! They really represented well. They even sold Tastykakes.  They don’t sell those out here.  I don’t even like these particular Tastykakes but I had to buy them because they’re TASTYKAKES! (Rival to the famed Drake’s Coffee Cakes. We got a veggie sub (with cheese) “Mike’s Way” aka “With the Juice”. All this means is that it had everything on it haha. But it was so good! Then we came home and Kristyn did some more work for her internship. After that we watched the “Freakonomics” documentary until we passed out on the couch. Good times.







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