Day One Hundred and Seventy-three

Um yesterday was pretty good. Work was ai’ight.

Ya know what? Who cares about that? I was just thinking about how great it is when things come into clarity in your mind. Like you’ve always had all of the details and you’ve known each fact independently and suddenly it all stitches together into an absolute truth. I am not making any kind of cryptic statement here, I was just actually overhearing a coworker’s conversation and something about that triggered a series of thoughts that made total sense to me. Like she’s trying to find out WHY a package she sent got lost in the mail. They’re giving her the runaround and transferring her everywhere because NO ONE will just say, “It didn’t get to where it’s going because we goofed up and we’re sorry”. Because our society has it SO INGRAINED in us that to say you’re sorry is to admit defeat and to admit TOTAL AND IRREFUTABLE responsibility. So these people will transfer her again and again and again and again, each person getting more angry because she wants an answer. You aren’t supposed to ask for answers. You’re supposed to accept that you got screwed and move on. It’s sad actually that no one can just apologize. When I worked in hotels they actually trained me to NEVER APOLOGIZE. Instead say “unfortunately” as if whatever bullshit reason I was giving the person for why they couldn’t get their way was a matter of “calamity” rather than of corporate greed. I just read an article the other day on how Apple Store employees aren’t even allowed to say the word “unfortunately” now because now THAT connotes too negative of a feeling. They have to say “as it turns out”. Same calamity, different day. No responsiblity taken. And it’s the same in day to day personal life.

Anyway, whatevs. Last night we worked on a project and made some ground. Then we made pasta and did some other work for some other things. Then we got in bed and tried to watch Little House on the Prairie but both fell asleep!

Here is a picture of me at lunch yesterday looking CRAZY. The cake is from someone in our office’s Birfday party. I included two pictures of Monster dozing on Kristyn’s elbow. He LOVES it when we get in bed. He loves it so much that he lays right down in my spot next to Kristyn haha. I also included a normal picture of myself for posterity.








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