Day One Hundred and Seventy-two

Yesterday we got up around 11 and I made us chocolate chip pancakes while Kristyn did the dishes. Then we laid around and talked about stuff for a while. It is SO FRUSTRATING to me that I have zero control over what the next few months will bring. Neither of us do. Fortunately it’s all mostly of the “good” order so that’s “good”. This temp job is ending soon so that is kind of freaking me out. I’m not ready to be without a paycheck again. We don’t know if I will be able to collect unemployment (but we figure it’s highly unlikely because I’ve never been allowed to collect unemployment ever before in my life so why should this be any different). I’m not even sure when this temp job ends. It could be two weeks for now or a month from now, I don’t know and don’t want to ask because I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself. But Kristyn kind of broke it down with some good old fashioned common sense that we WILL be okay. We’ve been okay in MUCH more dire straits so why would this be different? Sigh, okay Kristyn, I choose to believe your ass.

After that, she suggested we play the Michael Jackson dancing game. So we did that for a while. Kristyn got high scores in Billie Jean and Thriller. I got measly scores in Billie Jean and Workin’ Day and Night. Then it was time for her to get ready for wizzlie work. I kind of felt like going with her and buying groceries but instead decided to stay home and start a project we really need to get up off the ground. I did some research outside on the lanai so that was good. After that I watched the rest of the 5th season of Skins and then some of the 2nd season of Glee until I fell asleep on the couch. Kristyn came home and we went straight to bed. She was exhausted and I didn’t want to fully wake up from my pre-bed nap. How lazy. (AND I’M STILL TIRED TODAY.)






Also, Kristyn asked me to start taking a picture of her doing exercise or creative stuff or fun things every day and post it on the blog (since she doesn’t have time to update hers haha). So here is Kristyn getting down to Billie Jean.


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