Day One Hundred and Seventy-one

Yesterday I was lazy as funk. I sat inside all day long and watched TV even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t do that shit this weekend. But I let myself do it because whatever, I am not a wizard. (If you can tell me where I stole that from, cyber hugs to you.) So I forgot that they were showing “Heathers” (my all-time favorite movie) at Cinespia last night. I’d only found out this week and when I checked online they still had tickets. Kristyn works until 9 though which is when Cinespia starts. (FYI, Cinespia is something they do in the summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. They show movies on the side of a mausoleum. Everyone brings chairs and snacks and drinks and you watch the movie in the grass in the cemetary. It’s spooky and awesome.) Anyway, Kristyn ended up being able to get out of work a bit early but by the time we got there, tickets had sold out. SUCH A BUMMER. So we decided to go to the movies at Universal Citywalk. It’s kind of pricey there but their seats are HUGE and recline. It’s kind of worth it if you want to feel festive because the theater is in Citywalk so there are a bunch of restaurants and shops and lights and whirlygigs. Unfortunately we decided to see the Hangover II. They forgot the jokes, yo! It wasn’t just like “not funny to my tastes”, it just didn’t have jokes in it. It was so weird. Guys, we watched the first Hangover on a lark. We’d been convinced it wasn’t going to be funny because we’re snobs who “know better than everyone else” (of course). But we put it on one night and were very pleasantly surprised. We laughed a LOT and were glad we watched it. Neither of us would ever put it on our “favorite movies” list but we had a good time. So when we were looking for a good time last night we figured we should try this. Man was that bad. And like, guys, there are more screenwriters in Hollywood than grains of sand on the beach. Maybe some bitches were under contract, maybe Warner Brothers wanted to strike while the iron was hot…I don’t know. But given the amount of comical people in the world, that script could have DEFINITELY been punched up. Shit I could’ve done it. And if it would’ve taken six extra months to do it, they should’ve done it because that shit was kind of embarrassing. Thumbs down.

But it was nice to get out so for that I am thankful. Here is our day in pictures!














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