Day One Hundred and Seventy

I must warn you, this is a picture-heavy post but I couldn’t/didn’t want to pare it down because we did a lot and usually we don’t.

Work was pretty busy today. We had a really long meeting and after that there just was a lot to do. One thing led to the next until it was time to go. We had tickets to Matt & Kim so Kristyn got out of her internship a little early and I got to leave work 15 minutes early as well so we could eat dinner and head over to the show. The Thermals were opening for Matt & Kim and Kristyn really wanted to see them.

I took this picture of myself at the end of the night.


Here is another one of my bathroom pictures. I’m taking a cue both from the fatshion blogs but not only that, this taking a picture of my face every day has made me a lot more comfortable with pictures of my face. Now it’s time to work on full-length pictures so here you have it.


This one I took of myself in the car on the way home. This post has too many damn pictures of me but I actually liked the way that they came out (mostly) and since we had a good day, I thought I’d include them so I remember to chin up. Good times happen!


We decided to go to the Brite Spot because I really like their veggie club sandwich and Kristyn likes their veggie burger bagel sandwich. But for now, here is their trash cans against the colorful outside wall.


And yet another one of my melon head:




Mural outside the restaurant.


Kristyn waiting for me to quit lollygagging. She is forever doing this when I get it in my head I need to take a picture of something. Haha.


Here is the sign on the restaurant.


Here is a really cute picture of Kristyn.  It’s weird that she’s looking away because I thought she was looking at me when I took it haha.  The sun was kinda in my eyes though and I like that she’s looking away a bit.


Here’s just some stuff on the inside of the Brite Spot.  Self-explanatory.




Their Veggie “Turkey Club” is awesome. It has fake turkey and fake swiss with fake bacon on it. I always add avocado. So good.


We stopped home to drop off the leftovers (which I just had for lunch) and then went to the Music Box in Hollywood.  We got there way before The Thermals came on and listened to the DJ for a while.  Even though the place was pretty full, we managed to get good positions up front.  We didn’t have to cut in front of anyone to do it either, we just stayed way far to the right against the wall. I hate cutters at shows and would’ve stayed in the back if it were between that and taking someone else’s place. Kristyn had a press pass so she was able to go up and take pictures in the photo pit so we kind of needed to be up there anyway.


You can see Kristyn in the photo pit in the below picture.  She’s wearing a tshirt with a thermal underneath and is looking down at her camera.  You can see her in the photo above too. She’s the first elbow from the left haha.




The Thermals were pretty good, I really liked them.  We have their album on our ipods but I haven’t really given them a fair chance yet.  The DJ came on again for a while.  He was pretty good, played a lot of fun stuff.  Then Matt & Kim came out.  If you don’t know anything about them, they are a couple and they are from Brooklyn.  He plays the keyboards and she plays the drums.  He sings and they are just adorable.  They are known for their exuberance and smiling.  You cannot help but like these people.




Their show was SO ENERGETIC.  They did crazy stuff like stand up on their instruments and run around the stage.






 The threw balloons into the crowd by the fistful and told everyone to blow them up and then hold onto them.  They told everyone to throw them when they started playing their next song.  Everyone did and it was incredible!





I didn’t get a picture of it but Matt came out a few times with these weird cones that shot confetti up into the air at the audience haha.  It was amazing.




People were crowd surfing.  They kicked the press people out of the pit after three songs (as is customary) and then security filled in.  They had four security guards standing there catching people.  I haven’t been to a show where people crowd surf in SUCH a long time.  The security guards were laughing at the insanity of this concert.  They were also grossed out by the crowd surfer’s sweatiness as was I haha.  But Kim came down on to the front of the stage and said she wanted to stand on the crowd’s hands.  She actually STEPPED OUT ONTO THE CROWD AND THEN DANCED ON TOP OF THE CROWD.  It was incredible.  




They did a bunch more crazy things like telling all the men to take their shirts off and swing them around over their heads. It looked so crazy haha. Kristyn remarked that it looked like we were in a water park because all the guys were naked from the waist up.





They came out for their encore but didn’t get back behind their instruments. Instead Matt danced around the stage with a microphone doing a kind of medley of their songs while Kim marched around with a drum strapped to her shoulders like in marching band. It was SUCH a fun show. It was kind of like The Wiggles for adult hipsters. Such good positive energy.

When we were leaving, I saw this little card on the ground.


A few years ago, my Grandma gave me a bracelet that says “Life the life you love, love the life you live”. I don’t wear it because the charm falls off and I never want to lose it.

Yesterday was a great day!

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