For Mom

A few months ago, I went to the Goodwill in Glendale. I love me some thrift shopping and I wasn’t really looking for anything other than just to kill an afternoon and get out of the godforsaken house. When I go thrift shopping I look for camera stuff first, then look at the clothes, then look at the purses, then houseware stuff, then at the records/books/dvds/vhs tapes. When I’m done with all of that, if I’m feeling spunky I might wander around the men’s section and then the very last place I look is up at the front counter. The camera stuff is in the front counter always too but I ONLY check for that before moving on. I rarely look at the jewelry and that’s usually the only other thing of interest in the front counter. Because I am obsessive and self-doubting, I always check the front counter for camera stuff one…more…time. As is always the case, there wasn’t anything different the second time I checked it BUT I did see something that made me stop in my tracks. Three “collector’s” plates from the movie “Annie”. I HAD TO BUY THEM FOR MY MOTHER.

When I was a kid, Annie was BIG. We watched the everloving SHIT out of Annie in my house. What was even cooler is that we happened to live right near the “Annie Bridge” and I could see it out of my living room window AS I watched “Annie”. That never ceased to amaze me. I was star-struck by a non-operational bridge. If you haven’t seen that movie, or even if you have, the ending basically takes place on this bridge. Annie is running away from her captors (my boyfriend Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters and Carol Burnette). She climbs the bridge and if my memory is not failing me, at the last second Punjab appears in a helicopter, removes his turban and uses it to lower himself out of the helicopter to save Annie and bring her to Daddy Warbucks’ house. Oh Punjab, you loveable piece of work. Here is a picture of the bridge:

Anyway, as you can imagine, there was a little bit of “Oh god, Annie AGAIN?” going on in my house but my Mom worked night shifts so anything that would make us be quiet so she could nap was in my Mom’s good books.

Anyway, I saw them and knew she needed to have them. I mailed them to her this week (finally).

Daddy Warbucks:


Annie and her friend (that I can’t remember her name right now):

Annie by her lonesome:

I am mad though because I thought I packaged the goods safely and TWO of them broke. The one with Annie is all but dead and gone. The one with Annie and her friend is split down the middle and a little more repairable. So, the dream was good whilst it lasted. My Mom is happy, though would be happier if the shit hadn’t broken on it’s cross-country trek. *sads*

I love you Mom!

(And Dad, yes I realized it’s Father’s Day soon. You will get your Father’s Day present by Christine’s Birthday. Deal?)

4 thoughts on “For Mom

  1. OK that is SO cool. I was a HUGE Annie and Carol Burnett fan when I was little, and I never knew anything about that bridge! I love the plates!!

    My sisters and I would run around the living room mimicking all the songs and dances, and We Got Annie was one of my most favorites.

    I also saw Scrooge for the first time last year and have a revived love for Albert Finney. I wanna watch Annie now!

  2. Oh we just watched Scrooge this year too! Oh the Annie Bridge is in East Newark. East Newark is a really small town that is actually located INSIDE the bounds of Harrison haha. If you take the PATH to Harrison, get off and make a left down Frank E. Rogers. Make a left onto Harrison Ave. Take that down to Passaic and make a right. The Annie Bridge will be somewhere on your left. I don’t remember where now. But I lived right over there in Kearny and from my living room I had a CLEAR view of the Annie Bridge. It was so amazing to me haha. And the plates are cool right? Kristyn was happy to see the back of them, she was afraid I’d hang’m up if they stuck around too long. She was right I would have. I wanted them for myself but I wanted my Mom to have’m more. I’m so pissed they broke!!!

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