Day One Hundred and Sixty-eight

Yesterday was cool, kinda uneventful. Because we bought SO MUCH CHEESE the other day, I was totally feeling like shit at night. And because I’d eaten all of the cheese on heavy rolls, I felt like my person was packed to the gills with bread and dairy. I felt like whatserface the blows up into a blueberry in that movie…you know. (I could work the puzzle out but I’m feeling sort of lazy. I ate another cheese sandwich recently. Blerg.)

Anyway, we were supposed to go to see a Matt & Kim show last night but found out last minute that we didn’t have tickets. It worked out fine though because I wasn’t feeling well anyway and we ended up getting tickets for this coming Friday night. Instead we took the time to sit down and work on our bills situation. It’s a shame that this temp job is coming to an end because we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We paid off SO MANY THINGS last night. It felt great. Naturally we don’t have any money again but that’s okay. I’d rather have zero dollars because we paid off billz than because we just have zero dollars.

Anyway, here I am outside at lunch:

Here is my fool cheese sandwich.  Too much sandwich.


Here is just the hallway at work.  It’s big and emptyish and therefore slightly Redrumish.


At lunch I went outside and read some of this book.  Kristyn’s now read the first and the second one and I haven’t read either.  The first book is difficult to get into but then apparent GREAT once you do.  I just have NOT been in a reading mood for the past year or so.  I like reading to shut down and relax.  Because I’ve been unemployed for the last year and a half, the LAST thing I want to do is “relax”. BUT when I do want to chill, I like to watch TV because at least then I can do more than one thing at a time.  I can watch TV and craft or exercise or clean or whatever.  Reading forces you to just stay still and for the past year it hasn’t been enough activity to sustain my interest.  And this book is HARD to get into.  Just gotta keep plugging away…but there’s SO much Glee to watch!


Here is a screen shot I took in Hipstamatic.  It wasn’t ACTUALLY me taking the above picture but I realized that I could screen shot what I was seeing.


Here is a view of what I was seeing from where I was sitting.  Looking over my right shoulder.


I have a love/hate relationship with this dress.  It’s SO COMFORTABLE.  The problem is that it’s strapless.  I wore it once without a tank top underneath and because it’s only held up by elastic, I was VERY AWARE all day that if I sat on the skirt part wrong, I could rip the whole dress off by accident. This time I wore a tank top and shorts under it. It still didn’t make me comfortable.  I think I’m gonna have to fashion some straps for this dress.  I like everyone here too much to ever want to see them go blind under any circumstances (in the event of a wardrobe malfunction).


Here is a picture my Dad took of my Mom yesterday and sent to me.  They were at Windward Beach in Brick.


And here is a picture of my Dad that he took of himself and sent me later.  When he came home from chilling with my Mom, someone gave him a ticket to go to a Yankees game.  As you can see, they were GREAT seats.  My Dad is a die-hard Mets fan but you don’t pass up seats like this at a Yankees game.  That’s just nonsense.  So he was really excited.  He had a long, long good day haha.


So that was yesterday.  I’m afraid today is boringer.  (Yes I said boringer. Step.)

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