Day One Hundred and Sixty-seven

Yesterday marked my triumphant return to “wearing sandals”! Guys, when I was a kid, my Mom always bought me sandals for the summer. I grew to hate sandals. I just thought they were about the ugliest footwear a person could ever don. In fact, sandals still might BE one of the ugliest footwear a person could ever don. A problem arose however. At the time I stopped wearing sandals, I took up with sneakers. This is fine but sometimes it’s way too hot for shoes. I tried wearing all different types of summer shoes and none of them fit the sandal bill. Flip flops are too casual, flats are too hot. Recently I was shopping and found these for ten beans, I figured I’d give’m a whirl. Verdict is: I am a reborn sandals-wearer. ALSO, they actually make weird gel “inserts” for sandals now that are actually stickers. You stick them to the sole of the sandal/flip flop and then you have cushioning on them all day. Oh technology and ingenuity.

Anyway, enough about my dogs. Yesterday was kinda quick. A lot of people weren’t in the office in the afternoon so it was kind of a slow day, kinda nice. Afterwards, Kristyn picked me up and we did a little grocery shopping. We tried to buy deli cheese and the woman at the counter gave us a half pound of everything regardless of how much we actually SAID we wanted. We tried to get a half pound of yellow American, a quarter pound of Havarti, a quarter pound of some other cheese and a quarter pound of Pepper Jack. Instead we got a half pound of everything BUT the Havarti which we received a quarter pound. That was also the one we were most excited about haha. Oh well. We’ve already had cheese sandwiches for dinner and for breakfast. I am about to have one for lunch and I’ll likely have one for dinner again haha. Good times.

Also, we watched some 30 Rock and I *think* fell asleep on the couch for a while? I just now have a foggy memory of getting into real bed haha. That and waking up at 6am. Good times. Okay buh-bye.












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