Day One Hundred and Sixty-six

Yesterday was a pretty quick day at work. I had a lot of stuff to do so I just basically moved from one project to the next in a constant chain of events that lead me right up to 6:30 and then right out the door. I love days like that.

Also, Monday is one of my favorite days (as is Tuesday) because I get to spend the night with Krissy. She doesn’t work on those nights. Yesterday she chilled at home and read her Blomkvist book out on the lanai whilst I labored. Then she laid flat on the bed and read whilst I labored. Then I drove home and she stayed reading on the bed. Then I came home and together we made pasta with vodka sauce (I think it was rigatone), garlic spinach and bread with oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic. It was good.

After that, Kristyn was compelled to go back into her book. She said, “Coleen, I’m so sorry I have to go back in there.” I said, “There, there, it’s okay, I’ll just watch Glee.” And that is what I did with my evening. I watched Glee and did some calisthenics. I watched the Madonna episode and Jane Lynch almost killed me she is so funny. I love that woman.

Then Kristyn finished her book and I finished Glee. We watched a little 30 Rock and decided to read some more before going to sleep. I fell asleep on my book so we shut the lights out and here we are!







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