Day One Hundred and Sixty-five

This whole weekend was basically a wash. I didn’t do anything productive and have nothing to show for myself. If I were wearing something with pockets, at this juncture, I’d pull them out for you to show you I have nothing to show for my weekend, not even crafts. I was going to crochet but I even slacked on that. When you slack on your lazy leasure-type activities, that’s when you KNOW you didn’t get shit done.

ALTHOUGH I did straighten up the house on Saturday and I did make two slammin breakfasts. And I did make a salad. And I did do some grocery shopping. And I did haul my bones into the shower (one time). Also, I got caught up on Skins and started a new crew, so there’s that. I also sunk deeper into my newfound Glee obsession. Pretty self-satisfied about that. What’s weird about all of this “relaxing” is that I did it from a straight-back wooden chair. I like WOULDN’T allow myself to recline in comfort because I’m a dope. Also I wouldn’t allow myself to sit on the lanai outside. I just didn’t want to go out there, even though going out there would’ve made me feel oddly productive.

Another thing I did was calisthenics. I used to be REALLY good at stretching and tumbling and stuff like that. And I was in great shape when I did that all the time. I decided that I need to get back into it. Two prong: I like it and it will give me strength. So I watched Glee, stretched, did some jumping jacks, crunches, arm weights and walked in place for fifteen minutes. It wasn’t a LOT of exercise but it was more than I’d usually get just sitting on the couch. The endorphins felt good.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story of my day:








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