Day One Hundred and Sixty-one

Yesterday was pleasant. Nothing good bad or otherwise happened to me. It was a totally neutral/pleasant day at work. Didn’t go by too fast or too slow. I came home and decided to get a Happy Meal. We really don’t have any groceries in the house and I wanted to go home and relax. I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep this week at ALL for some reason. Wednesday and Thursdays are tough because Kristyn works at night and I have to pick her up. This means that I have to drive all the way across LA to get home and in a few hours I have to go drive all the way back to get here. We dont’ get home until a godawful hour which means I don’t have many hours to sleep through the night. SO, I try to put “relaxation” at a maximum on Wednesday and Thursday. I generally come straight home, eat dinner and park it on the couch. Then I try to force myself to take a nap before I have to go get her. It’s rough as hell to wake up from this nap, get dressed and drive a half hour to pick her up but if I don’t take this nap, I run the risk of oversleeping in the morning or just being TOTALLY EXHAUSTED all day. On top of not getting much sleep this week, I didn’t take a nap last night and it’s unlikely I’ll get one tonight either. Last night I just couldn’t fall asleep. I came home and watched some screeners that one of my bosses lent me. One was “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. It had two episodes on it. The first one made me want to punch myself in the face. The second one, I confess, I kinda got into haha. After that, I watched that Lifetime movie about Amanda Knox starring Hayden Panettiere. Again at first “the punching” and then the “seriously into”. I picked Krissy up and came home and watched the end of it. So good/crazy.

Anyway, here I am in the freight elevator that masquerades as a Chinese Restaurants bathroom:

Here I am taking a picture of myself in the bathroom again. I realize this is becoming an unpleasant habit. I will make sure to keep doing it.

And here is a picture of my Happy Meal. I just haven’t gotten one in a long time and was pleased with the box.

Later yo!

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