Day One Hundred and Sixty

OKAY. Buckle up for a boring boring boring boring boring boring post. Well, no. Yesterday was sort of boring so I’ll try to make this post HILAROUS to make up for the doldrums. Ready…set…go…

I’m just kidding, I’m not gonna do that. Kinda sets me up for failure no?

All kidding and all interesting good times aside, here is a picture of my face looking like it always does! I am sitting outside in the driveway at LG, my favorite go-to lunch spot to hang out and “catch me some rays” (in the shade of course, I’m not crazy).

Here is another out-take from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.  My iPhone is getting interesting in it’s old age.  (In case you didn’t know this, Apple doesn’t actually mean for you to keep your iPhone for the full two years of the contract.  When you do, these are the types of “hiccups” that begin to happen.)  Also, we just finished our contract. Booyah. Although now I’m wondering what they’re gonna do to us to strong-arm us into re-upping.  Whatever it is, I’m scared I’ll fall for it. *sigh*

Here’s a picture of my dress and my shoes.  I’ve never worn either before and I bought them a few weeks ago. Ten dolla dress, ten dolla shoes! The dress was comfortable but the shoes I bought a size too big because they were a little tight around the “foot holder” part.  Naturally they stretched as soon as I wore them and now I had to clog around all damn dizzly day.  It’s gonna be a looong summer yo.

And here is a picture that I am including because I look a little different than I always do…sort of like a developmentally-disabled-but-super-sweet fourth grader.  Awww…

Here is my lunchtime chilling spot.  As I was sitting here a model/actress type walked past me.  One time they brought the whole building out here for a fire drill.  Well honestly it wasn’t a fire drill.  Some bitches were having an office party for someone’s birfday and the candles set off the fire alarms and we all had to be evacuated.  We all got a strongly worded letter about the dangers of birthday parties (in the gentlest LG tone, they’re so nice here.)  Anyway, there were like oh, two hundred people standing in this driveway and a car decided to BACK DOWN THE LENGTH OF IT.  Like drive backwards down the alleyway INTO hundreds of bodies.  Mad decision making skillz yo.

And here’s another shot of my dress and my feet.  I included this one because it’s what I actually see when I look down.  Boobs, name tag, dress, shoes.

See? Boring pictures, boring post. Oh no don’t thank me. Please sit down, no standing O! Me? I’m nothing special! I’m just like you!


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