Day One Hundred and Fifty-nine

Yesterday was pretty coo. Busy/relaxing day at work. Meaning that I had a lot to do but was able to do it at a good clip, nothing on fire but plenty to keep me steadily busy. Those are always the best days. Where you have a lot to fill up the day and keep you constantly doing something but no one breathing down your neck for what you’re doing either. Good times. I take my victories where I can get’m.

Kristyn had off and she spent the day researching stuff for our near future for us so that was good. Lotsa good information up in this piece. And she chillaxed and watched 30 Rock on the couch. She slept in until noon which she needed and when she told me that I texted her back “Good for you?” I meant, of course, “Good for you!” but my stupid iPhone does whatever it wants. Like the other day, when my cousins sent us that Thank You card from their daughter’s Communion party…I posted the picture on FB and said, “No thank YOU! I wish we couldn’t have been there!” About an hour later, my Dad was like, “So you’re glad you didn’t go?” (or something along those lines) and I was all, “Blerg iPhone! Blerg!” Naturally I MEANT to say, “I wish we COULD’VE been there!” Oh iPhone, giving me an unintentional ‘tude.

So below, I give you my drama of the day. I have this pair of tights that are really cute/really comfortable. They’re gray and black and kind of a tweedish pattern. They’re definitely more of a winterish garment but its been kinda chilly-ish so I’ve been continuing to wear tights to work. I slapped these on yesterday and noticed that there was a stupid hole in the knee. *sigh* So I put nail polish on them to stop the hole from becoming a run and then I figured, I’d just pull them up a bit and my dress would cover it. WRONG. All day I walked around with a big ol’ hole in my tights like a homeless jerk. My overly optimistic nature whispered to me, “Coleen there’s no problem that a little scotch tape can’t fix…” (Although we all know that’s not true.) So I tried to scotch tape that hole closed. It BLEW MY MIND when it did not work. So here I am, in the potty, taking pictures of myself for you to enjoy. I always thinks of you guys first. Please don’t forget that.

When I got home, we decided to order some Domino’s Pizza. This is always a convoluted time at best. They simply cannot tell you what a goddamn pizza costs. There always has to be a long division session to figure out the best format combo meal that will get you what you want for the best price. DIAL IT DOWN DOMINO’S. It’s just crappy bread with cheese on it, IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS COMPLICATED.

We ate our complex pizza and watched the extras on the Le Tigre “Who Took the Boomp” documentary DVD. So good! There were a ton of interviews, outtakes and performances on there. Really well done and cool to hear them talk about different things. I recommend it highly if you’re into Le Tigre, Bikini Kill or even MEN. Good times.

After that we watched “Becoming Chaz”, the documentary from the Oprah’s Network about Chastity Bono’s transition to becoming Chaz Bono. I fell asleep towards the end but it was so good. I have to watch the rest of it on Wednesday. If you can, you should watch it, it’s really honest and insightful.

And that was that, boom.

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