Day One Hundred and Fifty-eight

Yesterday we got up early to have breakfast with our friend Hayden. You’ve no doubt seen Hayden’s work here. He is the evil genius behind “Goodnight Burbank”. He is the creator, producer, writer and one of the stars of the show. If you haven’t watched it yet, PLEASE DO IT NOW! You will not be sorry! Also, he bought us breakfast so you want to do a solid for a guy who did your friends a solid right? Right. I knew you would. Anyway, we had a really nice time and can’t wait to do it again, thanks Hayden! :D

So here is a picture of me in the car on the way there. I try to vary the time of day I take pictures because I want to like be DRESSED in at least some of them haha. And Kristyn was on the horn so here I am:

After breakfast, we fooled around and tried to see if Kristyn could get anyone to take part of her shift so we could go to the MTV Movie Awards but alas, it wasn’t to be.  But it kind of worked out good because it was hecka busy and she wouldn’t have wanted to stick anyone with that.  Next time MTV Movie Awards, next time.

We came home real quick so Kristyn could change for work and I decided to go sit outside and watch me some 30 Rock.  I took this picture and dunno why it came out like an out-take from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” but it did.  I promise there were no hallucinogens taken in the making of this photo although my eyeballs are VERY suspect.

Here’s what was ACTUALLY going on.  A very alert Coleen sitting outside drinking a giant cup of tea and watching TV.  I need to start watching less TV.  Nope that’s a stupid idea, scratch it.

Here are my hooves.  Don’t hate.

And here is my “chilling view”.  It’s actually prettier out there than the picture shows.  The sky was a lot bigger but wouldn’t fit in the little Hipstamatic viewfinder.

I didn’t stay outside long yesterday. I started to get antsy and went in. I wanted to DO something but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. I honestly wanted to do something active because I’ve been far too sedentary as of late. I’m not taking care of myself like I should be. BUT I wussed out and decided to go with my old habits…watching TV and crocheting. For the rest of the night I forced myself to get into “Glee” and worked on finishing my Roseanne blanket. For the past few months, there’s been an edge that isn’t connected and is missing three granny squares. It was sheer laziness because I’d already crocheted the squares, I just needed to attach them to the blanket. I did that and then started crocheting a border around it.

Regarding “Glee”. What’s funny to me is that I have, mostly because of the GLAAD Awards, been in the same room with the cast of Glee on at least a couple of occasions. And everyone was like, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” And I was like, “That’s pretty cool! WAIT, are there FREE COOKIES HERE?!” And I’ve seen a couple of episodes but they never hooked me. I suffer from the delusion that I think I don’t like musicals. But then I will rattle off a bunch of them that I love. But they’re EASY musicals that EVERYONE likes…Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, Mary Poppins…Who DOESN’T like those musicals? ANYWAY, I’m always kind of skeptical about this show because I think I don’t like musicals. But since I AM nosey, I always will give a show a chance if it’s a big enough deal. I’m not arrogant enough to think that millions of people who like something and ACTIVELY watch something know more than me, the dope who refuses to watch it. I hate it when people do that, say they don’t like something that they don’t even KNOW they don’t like and refute your LEARNED opinion based on what they *think* they will or won’t like. It’s exhausting. Anyway, I started it from the beginning last night and I have to say, I’m a Gleek! It isn’t necessarily my favorite show but it’s subversive and original. The performances are VERY moving at times. It’s refreshing to see people singing and dancing on TV. And my girl Jane Lynch is hilarious. God I love her.

Oh then my brother Charles called to tell me that he acted his way into getting into a NKOTB/BSB concert in Philly last night. Oh Charles, how I love you. Haha.

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