Day One Hundred and Fifty-seven

Yesterday I just chilled outside. This is my new weekend thing, I hope my neighbors don’t hate it. They never sit out here though so I might as well ya know? So I sat out here, watched 30 Rock and cross-stitched my MJ zombie. The mailman came and gave me mall for Kristyn (which I opened because I’m far too nosey and I knew she’d want me to so I can text her the contents). She got good news from CalState as a copy of the new Le Tigre DVD “Who Took the Bomp?*” We watched it last night and it was SO good! I have to say that Kathleen Hanna is a LOT funnier than I thought she’d be. Goodonya Kathleen!

Anyway I finished MJ and then it got cold so I came in and napped until Kristyn got home. Then we had dinner, chilled and watched the documentary* until we fell asleep.






* Also, two versions of the documentary came in the mail and I’m pretty sure who the second one is from with the bonus Poly-Styrene CD in there. Thank you from both of us, that was sweet. :)

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